She sat perched on the edge of the bed desperately whispering into the phone i don’t think I can do it…of course you can came the calm, clear voice down the line. The bags were packed. There was too much stuff for the baby and not enough for her. Surely green cardigan’s go with everything? […]

Its the same place each year – the worn yellowy, beige carpet, the heavy sunstreaked curtains and the cutlery that has been used by the same people over and over searching for their own little spot of tranquility. We venture up to the rock each year for that photo, a walk that gets easier as […]

This week’s WoW task is to chose a song and write the story behind the lyrics. Thanks toLillie McFerrin’s blog I thought I’d pop up the youtube clip…its not a song or artist I would usually veer towards but it meant a lot to me at a moment in time…the task also reminds me of […]

This week’s task is to choose someone you dont know in your neighbourhood and write about a conflict they may be living with…. She’s what my mother would call lithe, the type of person who might fall down if a big gust of wind blew too strongly. I’m perplexed by her – she’s the person in […]

Im putting it all out there this week…blog finally up and running (well some tweaking to do still) so thought I’d give  Ink Paper Pens Online Writing Group a go…sitting on the sidelines gets you nowhere… Looking into her eyes, with those giant tears just perched ready to drop at any moment, she took a deep breath […]