Disclosure policy

This is a personal web blog written by Sarah Wayland. Intermittently the blog features interviews with individuals who wish to share their story of life, loss and any other stories in between.

The blog does not regularly produce sponsored posts that promote any product or good that is exchanged in return for a written review/comment. From time to time the writer engages with charities, non-government service providers or other solopreneurs to discuss issues that may affect the TSIB community including mental and emotional health, wellbeing or services aimed at women. If you are interested in discussing some partnership work please get in touch.

Sidebar advertising is available. Please request a media kit/pricing guide if you are interested.

The author of this blog is often invited to events and chooses whether or not to share those experiences here. Attendance at these events are at the authors own costs (unless stated) however any canapes consumed, or small glasses of wine sampled are provided by invitees.

In a professional capacity Sarah Wayland is employed in various roles and works under her own name; these services can be found at sarahwayland.com.au

If you have landed here in error and are searching for ‘the space between Australia‘ a counselling and therapy service in the Southern and South Western area of Sydney please be aware that this blog is not affiliated with that site.

If any of the information on this site is distressing or triggers any past traumas please contact Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.

Have a fabulous day.