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What a beautiful surprise

I was at my daughter’s parent teacher interview this morning. My lovely husband at my side. Small scribbled notes on the teachers paper in front of him and an excel spreadsheet up on the board telling me where she was … Continue reading

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7 things I’d say to my daughter (with thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert)

My desk is a afloat with post-it notes. Ideas for articles, short sharp lines that might be useful for my thesis, action items that remain unactioned. They act like tumbleweed – blowing past my desk, curled up and yellowing from … Continue reading

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Dressed for success – a TSIB interview

Back in the early noughties I returned home from overseas. I worked hard in a job as a shift worker offering counselling to women surviving domestic violence. We often worked alone at night and those small voices on the end … Continue reading

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Part of the story

I was listening to a man speak on the radio the other morning about the way he, as a journalist, found it difficult to ensure he remained objective. Objective when reporting trauma and death in his own country. That it … Continue reading

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Keeping afloat

Last week my long service leave ran out and I’ve found myself in leave without pay land. I knew it was coming but the creeping sensation of being cast adrift felt like the opening scenes of Life of Pi. Where … Continue reading

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Stuck in the middle with you

I bent down this morning and ran my hands over my legs. It had been a long month of not shaving them, of not wearing shoes other than a very worn pair of birkenstocks and of pulling on a random … Continue reading

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Kevin Costner: Life coach.

(actually it was Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) Im heading into the winter of my 35th year. That sounds maudlin.┬áToday is my first complete working day for 2013. Pushing aside thoughts of resolutions and positive … Continue reading

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What I cant un-see.

There is an image of a lady floating around FaceBook at the moment. She is missing after a night out in Melbourne and people are desperately sharing her picture in the hope that it will bring her home. A few … Continue reading

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The C word…

A few days ago I took a little excursion to a suburb Id never been to, to collect a book that I needed. On the way home I was mulling over the conversation Id had with the nice man that … Continue reading

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Settling back in

the walk to work no more… Last week was a big week for my blog. I handed over the reigns for 6 days to 6 different people as a way of giving a voice to those who might not always … Continue reading

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