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The Art of becoming a Doctor

Ever wondered what it might be like to finish a PhD? Well someone wrote to me about it…you see the action of writing a blog more often than not is similar to the same noise as a large word-sized vacuum cleaner. … Continue reading

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Parallels with Horton

I was sitting on the train yesterday. Staring out at the stations along the upper north shore, of homes with gardens larger than my house and many a Range Rover in sight. Since I stopped working full time I view … Continue reading

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Writing in the sand

I’m packing up my desk and popping on my out of office soon. Not that I have a desk or a workplace. I’m metaphorically drawing the blinds on 2012. This week I wrote over at Women’s Agenda about the additional … Continue reading

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Life long learning

In 1996 I moved out of home. I was 19. I wore skirts made from chenille bedsheets that I lovingly purchased from Glebe Markets and I listened to Teenage Fanclub and Jeff Buckley. Not at the same time. I thought … Continue reading

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Settling back in

the walk to work no more… Last week was a big week for my blog. I handed over the reigns for 6 days to 6 different people as a way of giving a voice to those who might not always … Continue reading

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Standing on the precipice

Image from here I went to a hens afternoon tea on the other weekend (how civilised). I was surrounded by the cool chicks I met at my most recent mothers group…not that I shop around for mothers groups – its … Continue reading

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the inner workings…a TSIB interview

I wrote a little something last week about standing on the edge, something that was explained to the crowd of people watching a graduation ceremony. Nat followed me on twitter and then we got started talking and then she sent … Continue reading

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The voice (and no not the Delta Goodrem one)

I was sitting through a graduation ceremony this morning. The rain was pelting down outside and it was only one of a handful of times over the last few weeks that I was kid free.  It was nice to have … Continue reading

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Study and sanity…is it possible?

I was reading this post by Life in a Pink Fibro tonight while simultaneously writing an abstract in my head for a conference I want to attend later in the year (academy award for multi-tasking…). It made me think about … Continue reading

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