It was between morning tea and the second lecture of the day that I raced across campus to the printer. The morning I had asked the kind man to triple check my USB. I needed to make sure that the final, final, final version of the thesis was the one being turned into three bound copies for […]

April contacted me earlier this month. A reader of this blog since late last year and a person who wanted to share her story. Given this is a collaborative space, where there is power to hear more than one perspective, I invited her to share her thoughts. Her story, of her and her Dad. Welcome […]

  The purpose of turning this talk in to a blog post is one part posterity, and the other part a lesson on learning to listen to the whispers. The image I use in the opening section of the talk, about what I learnt from my PhD, focussed on the artist Kelly Rae Roberts and why […]

Ever wondered what it might be like to finish a PhD? Well someone wrote to me about it…you see the action of writing a blog more often than not is similar to the same noise as a large word-sized vacuum cleaner. You pump the words out and WHOOOSHHHH off they go; sucked into the universe never […]

I was sitting on the train yesterday. Staring out at the stations along the upper north shore, of homes with gardens larger than my house and many a Range Rover in sight. Since I stopped working full time I view the world through a different lens. Im not rushing with the rest of the universe, […]

I’m packing up my desk and popping on my out of office soon. Not that I have a desk or a workplace. I’m metaphorically drawing the blinds on 2012. This week I wrote over at Women’s Agenda about the additional stress that comes with having more than one babe and returning to work. How the […]

In 1996 I moved out of home. I was 19. I wore skirts made from chenille bedsheets that I lovingly purchased from Glebe Markets and I listened to Teenage Fanclub and Jeff Buckley. Not at the same time. I thought that my life experience was vast and informed and robust. I worked three jobs for […]

the walk to work no more… Last week was a big week for my blog. I handed over the reigns for 6 days to 6 different people as a way of giving a voice to those who might not always have the chance. It was odd stepping back in.  I knew there had been all […]

Image from here I went to a hens afternoon tea on the other weekend (how civilised). I was surrounded by the cool chicks I met at my most recent mothers group…not that I shop around for mothers groups – its just that it was a looooong time between babies and a few suburbs too. We […]