Last night I sat on the lounge room floor in my pyjamas, It was my birthday so we had a floor picnic for dinner. My 9-year-old daughter was sharing a funny story that she had heard in the playground about the birds and the bees leaving my two step-daughters and my husband crying with laughter. Our youngest […]

I was at my daughter’s parent teacher interview this morning. My lovely husband at my side. Small scribbled notes on the teachers paper in front of him and an excel spreadsheet up on the board telling me where she was in relation to everyone else. I looked up at the graphs and the diagrams and […]

One of my closest friends in the worlds is having a baby. It’s her first whereas Im coming up to celebrating eight years existence in a world that offers more questions than answers each day. Parenting small people is like herding jellyfish. Just when you think they’re following you they float off somewhere else. Random […]

  If current research is to be believed then step or blended families are the fastest growing family type in Australia today. The increasing divorce rate, the search for happiness and meaning and a woman’s capacity to say no when it isn’t working might all be contributing to this emergence of a family group that […]

Image from here When trauma and loss happen most of us know what to do. We know who to call, where to seek help and what we can (kind of) expect about the ways to cope. I guess we’re the ambulance chasers of our own experience. But what happens to kids when life and all […]

Image from here We seem to like to classify things into neat buckets. There are a gazillion sites and Facebook pages for decluttering and reordering, we spend so much time reorganising our stuff rather than reorganising our selves. Books breathe new light into dull spaces. For a long time all I read was chicklit. Books […]

Ive never been one of those people that plots and plans the coming years. Maybe its the vicarious trauma of working in the welfare field. Life happens when you least expect it. Its easy to let the crap anniversaries overshadow the good ones. Five years ago, on this very day, I did the thing that […]

In that movie Stepmom – except for the whole Susan Sarandon dying thing. Ive been in a bit of a funk this week, all these thoughts swirling around my head about turning half way to 70. Yes, I have the tendency to catastrophize. Doesnt everyone? I get stressed each May. Its a month of memories […]

I was listening to a program on Radio National this morning about solitude (its fab, listen here). I was listening while in the garage trying to run  trying is the operative word on the treadmill and wondering if all the cards I had thrown in the air lately where going to land in the configuration I […]