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Dying to know Day – the conversations that matter

For a person that exists (for most of my work hours) in the realms of here and gone the idea of losing anyone around me creates fear-inducing, panic-ridden hysteria. I practice gratitude each day in the hugs I steal from my … Continue reading

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Here and gone #MH17

I was wrestling with a blog post last night. I had crafted it perfectly while reading in the bath and then when I sat down to type it, it was gone. Here and gone. I’ve written this phrase 100 million … Continue reading

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Megan Washington words – take homes from TedXSydney

I hadnt taken much time to look at the TEDx Sydney speakers list before heading into the Sydney Opera House a few weeks back. Last years speakers reminded me that glancing at a headshot and a short bio would not … Continue reading

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The healing power of coffee

I always roll my eyes at the public health announcement about too much coffee. Is there really such a thing? Last month I shared a story on my Facebook page about a mum who was hassled by a barista because her … Continue reading

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Yearning for Mrs Doubtfire – a #tsibmum interview

Thanks so much to the hundreds of people that popped in yesterday to read Michelle’s journey as a mum. It always warms my heart when people take the time to read really read the stories we have to tell. So … Continue reading

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An ode to a nephew

There are multiple journeys you traverse when you enter adulthood. I always felt as if my twenties involved the wearing of hideously mismatched clothing, of various sizes, while meandering around an attempt at a serious career. It was exhausting. I was … Continue reading

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Coming home

I have about 5 shows a week that I make an effort to watch. Most weeks I forget, so in the comfort of my bed – late on a Saturday night with my Ipad propped up on a pillow – … Continue reading

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7 things I’d say to my daughter (with thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert)

My desk is a afloat with post-it notes. Ideas for articles, short sharp lines that might be useful for my thesis, action items that remain unactioned. They act like tumbleweed – blowing past my desk, curled up and yellowing from … Continue reading

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More than numbers

I’m guilty of a few things. I roll my eyes at the way people jump on online bandwagons. Sharing similar stories but not saying something unique. I might share a hashtag that has been shared umpteen times. I might see … Continue reading

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The search for happiness

I push and pull against the idea of happy. Of striving for the goal where everything falls in to place, you breathe out and announce to no one in particular that you have arrived. When I met my husband back … Continue reading

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