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Coming home

I have about 5 shows a week that I make an effort to watch. Most weeks I forget, so in the comfort of my bed – late on a Saturday night with my Ipad propped up on a pillow – … Continue reading

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7 things I’d say to my daughter (with thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert)

My desk is a afloat with post-it notes. Ideas for articles, short sharp lines that might be useful for my thesis, action items that remain unactioned. They act like tumbleweed – blowing past my desk, curled up and yellowing from … Continue reading

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More than numbers

I’m guilty of a few things. I roll my eyes at the way people jump on online bandwagons. Sharing similar stories but not saying something unique. I might share a hashtag that has been shared umpteen times. I might see … Continue reading

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The search for happiness

I push and pull against the idea of happy. Of striving for the goal where everything falls in to place, you breathe out and announce to no one in particular that you have arrived. When I met my husband back … Continue reading

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Widening the spaces – living with our dead

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a lovely article in the Herald about a woman. A creative woman called Victoria Spence who was exploring new ways to acknowledge loss. I emailed her. We chatted, and this month (fingers … Continue reading

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Not owning me – a TSIB interview

Ashleigh sent me a message on Facebook. You know when someone you don’t know gets in touch and it falls in to that little ‘others’ folder making you feel a little silly when you stumble past and see all these … Continue reading

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Along for the ride

Two years ago I was getting ready to return to work. My boy had just turned one. My girl had just started school and my masters degree was bubbling along when I had the chance to tweak and twist it … Continue reading

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Part of the story

I was listening to a man speak on the radio the other morning about the way he, as a journalist, found it difficult to ensure he remained objective. Objective when reporting trauma and death in his own country. That it … Continue reading

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Scaring the crap out of them…

May 25 is International Missing Children’s Day. A day where we are supposed to stop, listen and share the images of those little ones that havent been found. Yet.  As much as we try not to overshare with our kids … Continue reading

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Mindful in May

Its been eight months since I stepped away from working in an office. Its taken a lot longer than I anticipated to slow down, embrace the benefits and deficits of the work from home gig and find my way amongst … Continue reading

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