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Wherever you go, there you are

‘Wherever you go, there you are.’ Its one of those lines isn’t it? You have to read it over a few times, let the words roll around your tongue and then you realise yes, yes! Thats it! Ive been running for as … Continue reading

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The Art of becoming a Doctor

Ever wondered what it might be like to finish a PhD? Well someone wrote to me about it…you see the action of writing a blog more often than not is similar to the same noise as a large word-sized vacuum cleaner. … Continue reading

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On turning in

I was walking to pick up my son the other afternoon, a short stroll but I deliberately walked slow. Stopping and thinking and reminding myself to breathe. The last two months have been a little topsy turvy in my world. I got … Continue reading

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Dying to know Day – the conversations that matter

For a person that exists (for most of my work hours) in the realms of here and gone the idea of losing anyone around me creates fear-inducing, panic-ridden hysteria. I practice gratitude each day in the hugs I steal from my … Continue reading

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Here and gone #MH17

I was wrestling with a blog post last night. I had crafted it perfectly while reading in the bath and then when I sat down to type it, it was gone. Here and gone. I’ve written this phrase 100 million … Continue reading

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Megan Washington words – take homes from TedXSydney

I hadnt taken much time to look at the TEDx Sydney speakers list before heading into the Sydney Opera House a few weeks back. Last years speakers reminded me that glancing at a headshot and a short bio would not … Continue reading

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The healing power of coffee

I always roll my eyes at the public health announcement about too much coffee. Is there really such a thing? Last month I shared a story on my Facebook page about a mum who was hassled by a barista because her … Continue reading

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Yearning for Mrs Doubtfire – a #tsibmum interview

Thanks so much to the hundreds of people that popped in yesterday to read Michelle’s journey as a mum. It always warms my heart when people take the time to read really read the stories we have to tell. So … Continue reading

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An ode to a nephew

There are multiple journeys you traverse when you enter adulthood. I always felt as if my twenties involved the wearing of hideously mismatched clothing, of various sizes, while meandering around an attempt at a serious career. It was exhausting. I was … Continue reading

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Coming home

I have about 5 shows a week that I make an effort to watch. Most weeks I forget, so in the comfort of my bed – late on a Saturday night with my Ipad propped up on a pillow – … Continue reading

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