Next week it will be a decade since my first marriage ended. Love after love was high on my list of priorities in those early days, ways to navigate the dark arduous moments of being left to care for my daughter. A decade is a long time to be pondering those wounds, the wounds that […]

We make assumptions, and believe we are right about the assumptions; then we defend our assumptions and try to make someone else wrong –┬áDon Miguel Ruiz   I sat at the movies on Sunday morning. With one baby on my lap, my other to my left and my husband on my right. We were all […]

  Freelance writing is a strange business. It’s a little like research work. You get a snippet of time with a person where you ask them detailed questions about their life and then you hang up and they vanish into the ether. Early last year I was putting a story together for a parenting magazine […]

When I was young I travelled overseas alone to meet with a boy I had met in my home town. He had left a month prior to me and we had planned to reunite in Thailand and then head on London to begin a new life. It was the first time I had been on […]

We went on a little excursion this long weekend. To a town that had wide roads, where people meandered up and down the main street and where good coffee was the metaphorical coffee bean in a haystack. Creating memories for your kids is hard work. The packing, the unpacking, the blankie, the special pillows and […]

There was an article in the paper on the weekend about the high incidence of short sightedness (is that the medical term? Im a social worker, science is lost on me) amongst 12 year olds. One of the researchers explained that the increase in screen time, of sitting and staring at the space in front […]

When I was 13 my parents took me to Disneyland. I remember approaching the worlds largest breakfast buffet at the Disneyland Hotel when, while focussing in on the waffles, Tinkerbell popped up in front of me. She had a painted mask over her little elfin features, a leaf as a skirt and little pixie shoes […]

(How amazing is this shot my husband took while we were away!) My husband and I managed to escape for 40 fun filled hours this week. While the kids were happily driving my mum bonkers we jumped on a plane, ate long leisurely breakfasts, went shopping, danced at a wedding, slept in a gigantic bed, […]

Fantasy isn’t all its cracked up to be. I was reading Fenella Soutter’s piece in the Good Weekend about the freedom of bike riding…Ive been eyeing one of these bikes for a while but I know in the deep dark recesses of my brain the image of what Ill look like riding it wont match […]