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How soon is too soon?

How soon is too soon when we share the stories of victims of a crime? I just returned from two weeks at the beach with my kids. I read 6 books in that time, almost more than I read for … Continue reading

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Dying to know Day – the conversations that matter

For a person that exists (for most of my work hours) in the realms of here and gone the idea of losing anyone around me creates fear-inducing, panic-ridden hysteria. I practice gratitude each day in the hugs I steal from my … Continue reading

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Grief and loss: Losing an online friend

Grief in online communities – What do you do when you lose a friend you’ve never met? It’s odd how we socially construct ways to live our lives. The invisible to-do or how-to lists that allow the word ‘should’ to creep into … Continue reading

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Here and gone #MH17

I was wrestling with a blog post last night. I had crafted it perfectly while reading in the bath and then when I sat down to type it, it was gone. Here and gone. I’ve written this phrase 100 million … Continue reading

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The lounge room sanctuary – a guest post about loss.

Stories fill in the gaps. The spaces where the world presents complexity and a quest for clarity all at the same time. I’m reading Michaela McGuire’s ‘A story of Grief’ its a short snapshot of thoughts on how mourning can … Continue reading

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More than numbers

I’m guilty of a few things. I roll my eyes at the way people jump on online bandwagons. Sharing similar stories but not saying something unique. I might share a hashtag that has been shared umpteen times. I might see … Continue reading

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Widening the spaces – living with our dead

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a lovely article in the Herald about a woman. A creative woman called Victoria Spence who was exploring new ways to acknowledge loss. I emailed her. We chatted, and this month (fingers … Continue reading

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he ain’t heavy.

Yesterday a lovely writer I know shared the news that her brother had passed away suddenly. I remember her talking about him and how their relationship grew from him being a brother from another father . She’s a person thats … Continue reading

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A safe place to mourn – a TSIB interview

  One of the ways I notice families react to the sadness and trauma is to find ways to make meaning. Meaning not only of the loss but meaning as to how they might survive it. Rachel and I connected … Continue reading

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The threads that stretch – a TSIB interview

Hello. Is anyone out there? Its been weeks since my last blog post I lost my blogging way for a moment. I existed in the outside world rather than the online one. But Im back! Im currently packing for my … Continue reading

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