The BEST Australian movie ever…a life lived in fear, is a life half lived. When I was 14 I did competitive ballroom dancing. Every Monday night my partner and I would practice in a cold, dusty scout hall shuffling across floors that had multiple uses throughout the week. The funny thing about learning a dance […]

Ive never been one of those people that plots and plans the coming years. Maybe its the vicarious trauma of working in the welfare field. Life happens when you least expect it. Its easy to let the crap anniversaries overshadow the good ones. Five years ago, on this very day, I did the thing that […]

When I first starting reading blogs I noticed that some people turned off their comment section from time to time. Some of the posts were a little ranty, some were amazingly personal and other people just wanted to tell their side of the story. These last few months have been a giant learning curve for […]

  Last weekend I was invited for an end of term stickybeak at the 5 year old dancing trifecta – the tap/ballet/jazz combo – or a slow death as my sister and I secretly referred to it as. We spent 2 long hours squished against a wall watching my incredibly gifted chicken wiggle, stomp, chasee and glide […]