The 23rd of December marked the date of me becoming a single mum seven years ago. This year I forgot to remember that date. Time doesn’t heal all wounds but it gives you perspective. In the midst of all the discussion around rituals and what we know about them my family forgot to have Christmas […]

  Have you ever heard of the term Food insecurity? I hadnt. I guess as a mum I spend a lot of time trying to get my kids to eat. I talk to them about other kids not being as lucky to have food in their bellies and blankets on their beds. It’s hard to […]

My girl made this a year ago. Its still on our front door.  I wont be on a lifestyle show anytime soon. Christmas has the capacity to go one way or the other. Your heart either swells at the faint sound of Christmas songs or it drops like a lead weight. The role of ritual […]

Every year my husband recieves one of those ‘a year in our world’ christmas letters. You know the ones, the nicely typed out record of a familys year – the trials, the tribulations, the wins, the losses…all those first world problems squeezed onto an A4 page. I dont know these people, Ive never met them, […]

I like having a good old sticky beak at other people’s pictures on Facebook – happy snaps that capture the essence of a person, they tell a lot not only about where they’ve been but who they are. Sometimes I notice that with the advent of smart-phones we tend to take a lot of pics of […]

I wrote a piece last week about christmas and the space between the saccharine display for peace and togetherness versus the stark reality that christmas sux for a lot of people. People say that when you have kids the joy of christmas returns from that place where you shelved it at 13 or 14…the look […]