Next week Ill take my 351 pages of my thesis to the printer and have them bound. Three neat copies that will head over to examiners probably dotted around the globe to read and dissect and discover what I found when I tried to understand the experience of hope for families of missing people. My uni […]

My girl made this a year ago. Its still on our front door.  I wont be on a lifestyle show anytime soon. Christmas has the capacity to go one way or the other. Your heart either swells at the faint sound of Christmas songs or it drops like a lead weight. The role of ritual […]

To remember:  to recall to the mind by an act or effort of memory; to think of again. This time last year I wrote a post that I argued over in my head for a long time. I sent it to a mate and asked her point of view. I worried that in writing a post about the bad it would negate the good. To remember is […]

A year ago I sat down at my desk and began to type. Id been promising myself every New Years Eve that this would be the year that I’d take the leap and start to write. For the last 8 years before that I’d spent my time writing down the stories of other people. On […]

When I was 13 my parents took me to Disneyland. I remember approaching the worlds largest breakfast buffet at the Disneyland Hotel when, while focussing in on the waffles, Tinkerbell popped up in front of me. She had a painted mask over her little elfin features, a leaf as a skirt and little pixie shoes […]

I wrote a little something last week about standing on the edge, something that was explained to the crowd of people watching a graduation ceremony. Nat followed me on twitter and then we got started talking and then she sent me this. I could understand some of the stuff that Nat shares. I went straight […]

  A decade ago I was living in London. My husband (at that time) had a brainwave that instead of returning home to Australia we would try our luck in New Zealand in the lovely town of Grey Lynn in Auckland (where you could buy the best afghan biscuits known to man). We landed in […]

image from here I was reading an article while my boy slept on the backstory authors have in the process of writing a book. The little pieces that get you to the point where you are ready to begin the story-telling. I can remember a few months back when I talked about people’s little bio’s. The […]

Fantasy isn’t all its cracked up to be. I was reading Fenella Soutter’s piece in the Good Weekend about the freedom of bike riding…Ive been eyeing one of these bikes for a while but I know in the deep dark recesses of my brain the image of what Ill look like riding it wont match […]