The other weekend there were two cries for help sitting in my newsfeed. Two people who made randomly vague statements about life not going well for them and the need to be somewhere other than here. I scanned back and read them a few times. I was worried that my social workiness meant that I […]

There are moments of complete polarity in our days. Waking to the news of bombs going off on the other side of the world. Watching people sing for their moment in the spotlight in the evenings. I wrote for this site earlier in the week about the way the world is delivered to our lounge […]

  I found myself yelling at the tele like I tend to do on Monday nights when Q&A pops on. I was angry last night about the focus of the all women panel. I was waiting for thoughts on child support non-payers, equal pay, promotional opportunities. What did we get? An argument about chivalry and […]

    Penguin Books, in their infinite wisdom, sent me a copy of Torre De Roche’s book to have a read of. I met her during NaNoWriMo last year and was a little bit excited to see that someone – who had a vision about finishing a book – actually did just that. I adored […]

There are often little spurts of activity on my blog FB page where I make a random comment and then I have a stack of responses from people wanting to express their opinion. The other week I was on a conference call with a student and some academics talking about a research project on siblings […]

I’m not someone who drags their heels very often but when I do it takes me a moment to work out what it is. Its like an internal cranky valve has been released and I cant see the light for a moment. Seven days of little sleep after my boy’s tonsils being ever so kindly […]

Image from here Every house Ive ever lived in is etched in my mind from the position I lay in at bedtime. Regardless of the house, its people, the furniture scavenged I can remember each place from the view that greets me when I turn off the light and let my eyes adjust to the […]

So much of parenting revolves around the repetitive behaviours that you hope will one day seep in and become part of what makes them, them. But when do you step back and let their own stories unfold? My step-daughter shared an image on her FB page last night, it was one of those pages that […]

Image from here Last week a little email wandered in to my inbox. It wasn’t unkind but it did make my heart skip for a moment – it questioned the use of my blog title in terms of a registered trademark. I contacted Jacqui on the advice of an online friend and she helped me […]