February 28, 2012

Tender Lions Anyone?

My daughter likes to order her lunch. She is also focussed on the canteen ladies. She knows who the most important movers and shakers are at school. Last week on her order she asked them ‘what did you do on the weekend’. She loves to chat with people and I guess this was a little extension of her need to connect. Either that or she’s just a busybody like her ma.

When I shared the picture some of the comments I got weren’t about the sentence but about the spelling of tenderloins. Or tender lions. Thats how¬†we spell them in our house. Its something my daughter said when she started school and it just kind of stuck. That’s just what happens in life, things stick and you hold on to them. Well I do.

Centures ago I went to the movies with my parents to see Father of the Bride…this scene has become part of the history of our family…have a look

Father of the Bride on YouTube

My dad tells me that this is him. That he is Steve Martin when he hears my sister and I talk. He pictures us as 8 year olds rather than two gals on the slide to 30 (thats a lie). He knows we’ve grown but I guess that space in his mind, between the then and the now, still allows him to picture us as kids. It used to really bug me in my 20s when he wouldn’t acknowledge that I was older, that I could make my own decisions (and well yes mistakes…few too many to count) and that I could stand on my own two feet. I notice now as my kids get older I have trouble catching up. Im drawn to the past, to the image of cradling them in my arms, to carrying them on my hip and watching their pudgy little legs stomp through the house.

In the holding on to the funny turns of phrase a family uses, the ‘used to’ and the quirks about the way we live I think we will always run the risk of living in the past. I think for me the milestones are not the ones that stick out like birthdays and christmas but the snapshots in time of those little moments that make up the essence of your family.

I don’t think that Ill really remember the joy of lunch orders in the sense that they break the monotony of ones I pack myself but I will remember my girls attempts to chat with the canteen stuff and the tender lions that taste so good…

…and then no sooner do you realise it but you’ve become your parents. How did that happen?

What are the little quirks that stand out in your house that make your family just that your family?


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  1. One of the kids said, ‘that’s you’re welcome,’ instead of you’re welcome, and that has stuck.

    Also, when you have a cough and cold (like me right now) you have ‘bad coffers.’ I just can’t say cough properly anymore!

  2. A million times a day my youngest (2yo) asks “what’s that nooze?” instead of “what’s that noise?”… and now we all say “nooze” instead of “noise” (only at home). It’s funny how these little quirks stick!

    • I love how you have to explain to your kids why you say something weird when its them that it came from in the first place…thanks for visiting Misha x

  3. Hahahaha. I can’t get past, “on the slide to 30”. Don’t forget some of your readers have known you for 30 years…


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