I’m not someone who drags their heels very often but when I do it takes me a moment to work out what it is. Its like an internal cranky valve has been released and I cant see the light for a moment. Seven days of little sleep after my boy’s tonsils being ever so kindly […]

In that movie Stepmom – except for the whole Susan Sarandon dying thing. Ive been in a bit of a funk this week, all these thoughts swirling around my head about turning half way to 70. Yes, I have the tendency to catastrophize. Doesnt everyone? I get stressed each May. Its a month of memories […]

I was listening to a program on Radio National this morning about solitude (its fab, listen here). I was listening while in the garage trying to run  trying is the operative word on the treadmill and wondering if all the cards I had thrown in the air lately where going to land in the configuration I […]

I actually love Love actually, actually. There arent many moments in life where you get that chance to have that moment. You know those ones where the world and all its chatter stops and you hear some music in the background and you realise that this is what life is all about. I watch way […]

Every year my husband and I and the kids head here. Its an annual thing and its something that he has done every year since he was a kid too. I always remember Mia Freedman when she said that holidays with kids was really just moving the kids to another location without the usual props […]

Hello my name is Sarah and I shop around for advice. Sometimes I can wrap myself up into such a state of anxiety that I dont know my left from my right – it happens at different intersections in my life when Im pondering big changes. I think on some basic, primal level I always know […]

Todays is remembrance day…in honour of the day im sharing with you a poem written by my sister about my own Poppy who was born in November….feeling very grateful to have such a talented and expressive sister (and one that brings me coffee)   “In Flanders Fields the poppies blow  Between the crosses, row on row” […]

My husband and I spent a fair few hours this week in various health-related waiting rooms…it made me grateful for all the usual stuff (health, wealth, happiness and all that jazz) but it also made me grateful for the art of stickybeaking….there is nothing better than a stickybeak with a fellow stickybeaker (aka my husband). […]

There was a final image in the ABC’s episode of The Slap this week…Hector and his young son standing alone in the garden…It was a quiet image that lingered on the screen for a while, what struck me was the tenderness of the son’s hand placing itself into his dad’s and also how un-alike they looked […]