How soon is too soon when we share the stories of victims of a crime? I just returned from two weeks at the beach with my kids. I read 6 books in that time, almost more than I read for pleasure in the whole of 2014. They were perfect holiday reads, stories with tidy conclusions, […]

We make assumptions, and believe we are right about the assumptions; then we defend our assumptions and try to make someone else wrong –┬áDon Miguel Ruiz   I sat at the movies on Sunday morning. With one baby on my lap, my other to my left and my husband on my right. We were all […]

  Im not one for aspirational quotes. I think the more time you spend on social media the more you tend to notice peoples love affair with the written word. Not necessarily their own but quotes from famous old people…(I thought Thomas Aquinas was someone on TV until Wendy Harmer pointed out he was big […]

Image from here I sat on the floor at a friends place the other day catching pieces of avocado sushi that my son was lovingly stabbing with his soy fishy. My friend had delivered two beautiful babies in the last 18 months. She looked busy and content. We swayed into the safe territory of books […]

Every year my husband recieves one of those ‘a year in our world’ christmas letters. You know the ones, the nicely typed out record of a familys year – the trials, the tribulations, the wins, the losses…all those first world problems squeezed onto an A4 page. I dont know these people, Ive never met them, […]