I hang out in a few little online gatherings. Places where people share tips and tricks about navigating the fabulous world of freelancing and cheer with you with the wins and send sad face emoticons when the wheels have fallen off. Megan is in that gang. Last week she launched her e-book on freelance writing […]

Back in the early noughties I returned home from overseas. I worked hard in a job as a shift worker offering counselling to women surviving domestic violence. We often worked alone at night and those small voices on the end of the line at 3am made you question how much you could really do from […]

One of the ways I get attention when Im pitching stories to editors is to link an idea to something thats time specific. A community event, an anniversary, a day set aside for some reason or another. It helps to match the idea with the words if the reader can circle a day in their […]

  I found myself yelling at the tele like I tend to do on Monday nights when Q&A pops on. I was angry last night about the focus of the all women panel. I was waiting for thoughts on child support non-payers, equal pay, promotional opportunities. What did we get? An argument about chivalry and […]

    Sometimes when you have a blog you don’t understand what will resonate with some people. Its a bit of too and fro, a bit of testing the waters to see if the waves will wash over your feet. Ive been reading a few books on my kindle this week, I’m using some downtime […]

It wasn’t until my 29th year that I realised I was here to do two things. To share what I knew about loss (from the people who spoke to me) and to be a mum. I had a boss that used to tell me that she was a frustrated sociologist. We’d deconstruct the people that […]

Im a pretty busy person, like most of us are. In the beginning I used to read as many blogs as I could find, understanding the art in exploring the mundane or exploring the power of sharing the unmentionable. Now that life has stepped up a few paces and the fact that writing now happens […]

Lisa from Giving Back Girl responded to my plea that I was lost for words. Writing for uni and freelancing with tight deadlines can do that to a person. Im word spent. Here she is talking about her space in between. I love her writing and I love that we have carved a friendship out […]

I loved this list from the late, great Nora Ephron. I think I have seen ‘When Harry Met Sally’ 72000 times. It got me thinking what Id put on my list. It got me thinking about the anti-bucket list I developed last year. It also got me thinking about the impact parenting has on me. […]