It was between morning tea and the second lecture of the day that I raced across campus to the printer. The morning I had asked the kind man to triple check my USB. I needed to make sure that the final, final, final version of the thesis was the one being turned into three bound copies for […]

‘Wherever you go, there you are.’ Its one of those lines isn’t it? You have to read it over a few times, let the words roll around your tongue and then you realise yes, yes! Thats it! Ive been running for as long as I can remember, the years between finishing school and now have passed by […]

The other weekend there were two cries for help sitting in my newsfeed. Two people who made randomly vague statements about life not going well for them and the need to be somewhere other than here. I scanned back and read them a few times. I was worried that my social workiness meant that I […]

The end of term is closing in. When my step daughters were the age of my daughter I would scoff at peoples suggestion about the exhaustion that comes from 10 weeks of listening and learning. There have been tears most days this week, over-tired excitement and a snippet of light into the teenage years as […]

Today is Day for Daniel. Its an important day that asks people to reflect on the need for child safety but I guess even more than that, safety for all of us. Big and small. To go about our lives, to not live in fear of what is around the corner and to see the […]

This is the wallpaper I found…nice huh? In the chaos of school holidays Im finding little snippets of time to sit and work. I also decided that if small people were on a break so would I. Over the last two weeks Ive been in social situations that are a bit different from the red […]

I was talking to my girl about sponsoring a child the other night. She wondered if the little boy on our computer screen would come and live with us, I explained that he wouldn’t – that he needed to be with his parents but that we’d be getting letters telling us how he was. She […]

  Thanks for popping back this evening to read the second half of this lovely interview. If you didnt read the previous posts click here to have a read. Like I said in my opening last night one of the main reasons for asking to Emmanuel to chat was for me to learn more about […]

  A decade ago I was living in London. My husband (at that time) had a brainwave that instead of returning home to Australia we would try our luck in New Zealand in the lovely town of Grey Lynn in Auckland (where you could buy the best afghan biscuits known to man). We landed in […]