January 27, 2012

no one puts baby in a corner…

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Today is the last day of the NSW school holidays. Im a pretty flexible person but even I have felt the exhaustion of 6 long weeks of keeping little people fed and watered. I didn’t notice it too much until I went back to work this week and suddenly my exhaustion was insurmountable – I could have fallen asleep standing up.

I was trying to finish some work at home on Tuesday and my daughter spent the morning reading over my shoulder, every word I typed she’d read aloud, screw up her face and then say ‘why would you write that, that sounds funny mum’…

God bless whoever taught her to read.

Ive noticed that my short wick has gotten shorted, I bark orders rather than say them, I want calm where there is chaos and I want a house that stays clean (I might as well say that I want George Clooney to work my nespresso machine while Im at it). My daughter has also fallen in love with the Nickelodeon kids CD – a freebie from a cousin (gee thanks) – it has that awful version of the ‘Time of my life’ classic on it from Dirty Dancing…not quite sure who thought that was a good idea but there has been a lot of dancing in front of the mirror. I tried to explain that it came from a movie explaining the idea of carrying watermelons, dodgy dance routines and Patrick Swayze…and then it hit me. Im Patrick swayze. I’m him at that scene where he takes on the dorky girl and agrees to teach her to dance…except instead of the cha cha its the mum cha. I want my kids to understand that this (imagine my hands arms length in front of me) is my space and anything ahead of them is there’s…that I need them to stay on their side for their safety and for my sanity. I might choose to dance, work, shuffle around in mine but hey its my space and Ill do what I like in it…

I know Ill be terribly lonely this time next week but for now I need just a bit of time where the only voice I hear is mine and not one saying “I need a snack”. Sometimes a little break between you and your kids gives you a chance to re-energise and spend more time smiling rather than waiting for bedtime o-clock…

What would you do in your patrick swayze space if you had it?

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  1. Love it Sarah. I agree so much with what you are saying. If I had my space it would probably be to go and see a movie that I want to watch- nothing Disney, something that I could laugh and cry with if I want to and no one else to have to worry about

    • yes…a movie rated more than PG would be great! I have one day to ‘me’ from next week…im already wondering what Ill do with it??

  2. I think I’d like to sit quietly and attempt to finish a few conversations with some friends over a few drinks. Its so rare we ever finish a conversation these days…. *sigh*
    I adore my boys but a little less time with them will surely make me appreciate them that little bit more.

  3. I’m so with you here! But the really really bugging thing is….. When I do finally eek out the brief fleeting few hours of yummy mummy time…. I god darn miss them all, all their bickering, background noise and constant demands…..AND to pack the final punch I feel so guilty about wanting the me time in the first place…. That I end up cleaning their rooms or baking their fav cake or mending their fav toy that broke last week or making play dates for later. I need help I think, but guess I wouldn’t have had the 3 little darlings if I hadn’t wanted to shower all my devotion on them.
    Enjoy the peace, learn to listen to the trees and the quietness and before you know it school holidays will be round again x

  4. Take a bath and read! I tried to read in the bath yesterday and the interruptions were constant. We need that space to get ourselves re-energised, it’s vital. x

  5. My hubby works away- 2 weeks on, 1 week off- so time to myself is so rare these days. My boys are bigger now- almost 9 & nearly 12- but I still often find myself wishing for some time when I was not the only person to answer their questions, sort out their argument, cook their meals….
    If I had some time I think I’d really love some time to wander around my fave places- streets, cafes, shops, libraries- just so I could soak it in for myself…….


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