I have about 5 shows a week that I make an effort to watch. Most weeks I forget, so in the comfort of my bed – late on a Saturday night with my Ipad propped up on a pillow – I try to catch up. A cup of tea and a silent home. Bliss. One […]

    Penguin Books, in their infinite wisdom, sent me a copy of Torre De Roche’s book to have a read of. I met her during NaNoWriMo last year and was a little bit excited to see that someone – who had a vision about finishing a book – actually did just that. I adored […]

Its funny when you ask people to remember. When people start to link up I rush in to read about how they interpret the prompt. Some search far back into their cupboards and others chose the things that immediately surround them. All valid. All memories. I was out shopping this morning, I took a half […]

Tash contacted me a few months ago asking for some room to explore her space between her man and his illness. After a few speed bumps we managed to get the interview together and what we finished up with was a poignantly funny piece about living for now, having a love and hanging with your […]

The BEST Australian movie ever…a life lived in fear, is a life half lived. When I was 14 I did competitive ballroom dancing. Every Monday night my partner and I would practice in a cold, dusty scout hall shuffling across floors that had multiple uses throughout the week. The funny thing about learning a dance […]

Go on, cook one! The man and I went out for dinner last night sans kids…we talked like excitable puppies finishing off conversations we started about six months ago, the incessant ‘excuse me’s’ meant we never got around to finishing them. The “Hey what happened to that dude at work in February who did that […]

Image from here Remember when you were a kid and you could disapear into your mind pretending you were someone that you weren’t? I remember reaching into my wardrobe and running my hand along the back of it. Sad to find that Narnia wasnt just a small step away. Last August I had a piece […]

Ive never been one of those people that plots and plans the coming years. Maybe its the vicarious trauma of working in the welfare field. Life happens when you least expect it. Its easy to let the crap anniversaries overshadow the good ones. Five years ago, on this very day, I did the thing that […]

I wrote a piece a while back for Childhood 101 and it was published this week. You can read it here. I felt a bit anxious when I saw it actually in print (well on the screen) as I was worried that I’d done the overshare…that I mentioned too much about stuff that was packed […]