September 13, 2011

A Soundtrack to your life?

I had to drive a really long distance by myself this week, six long hours of winding roads, variable speed limits, random country signs and my ipod.

About 6 years ago I was going through a bit of a quarter life crisis ( read: divorce…). It was one of those times in your life when you expect that the people you know will effortlessly fall around you but in reality some tended to melt away and new, amazingly wonderful people filled the void.

One of my safety nets was a gal I had met at work the year before…while I was on maternity leave she had sent me a birthday email, which in the grand scheme of things isnt that amazing but I was having one of those days when a random act of kindness made me see a bit more sunshine than I had allowed myself too. I confided in her about what had been happening in my life and in return she told me what she liked to do when it was all too much….she pretended she was a character on The Secret Life of Us, she suggested that I imagine that a film crew was following me and that there was some type of music in the background that accompanied me on my way, like my life was part of some delicious TV show…so thats what I did.

When I was on the bus on the way to work each morning, I’d sit a little taller, I’d force a spring into my step and I’d listen to my ipod filling myself with tunes that legitimately could be played in the background of that fancy pants, 20 something TV show where people were living life, falling in love, falling out of love and playing soccer in a park in St Kilda (OK maybe the last one was a little far fetched for me – Im hand-eye coordination challenged). But the idea was that in using music a person could be taken away from what that are living through and can help get us through those speed bumps in the day – it worked for me some days and it also made me really wish I was Claudia Karvan on others.

So whats the soundtrack for your life? Can music (and a bit of delusional behaviour) help make the challenging times a little easier…can singing at the top of your lungs to Adele really fix things (I may have done this on my long drive…my throat is still sore).




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  1. The louder the music, the more I am trying to drown out my own circular going no where inner conversations. Had a bad day and my car sounds like a ‘hoon’ driving down the road, you can hear me coming before you see me. When the warmer weather comes I even wind down the windows to really blow the cobwebs of the mind away.
    Sometimes I still can’t get the feelings out……….
    But I pick the kids up from school and they all feel like they are pulling me in too many places at once, and I haven’t reconciled my own day, let alone helped them with theirs, we all turn up a favourite and sing lousily together…… Funny how it then feels better by the time we get home 😉 (black eyes peas is always a good one).
    Fab, fab, fab blog Sarah, wish I could articulate the truth of life like you do.

    • Hey lovely Jane…I was describing this post to some people I had dinner with last night that I’d never met before – we all agreed that a bit of crazy delusional behaviour is the only way to survive and that our ‘secret single’ behaviour (which I reference to an old old episode of Sex in the city) is what keeps us, us…that little piece that gets left behind when we get hitched, squeeze out a few kiddies and try and fit a career somewhere in the midst of it all! Have had so many visitors to the blog in a week…funny how our shared ideas confirm that we are all just holding on for the ride! x

    • ps…singing in the car with my girls is one of my most favourite things to do alone with them….the more inappropriate the song the better (I convince them not to repeat the song in front of my mum…)

  2. Love this! Thanks for the shout-out. I had a post in mind on this very subject. I love secret music – it allows us to turn our lives into any kind of movie we like. The only problem is that, when you’re me, it’s really hard not to sing along. I have so much suppressed singing in me on days that I wear headphones that I’m going to burst one day!

    • Too funny…I have the worst singing voice in the world, its literally an assault on people’s ears! But I figure if something as simple as listening to a song can transport you somewhere else then only good things can come from it – just like your notion of random acts..have a great day.

  3. I must show you the mixed CD Em made me in the midst of my very own quarter life crisis Sar…..random, ecclectic mix of tunes. Stevie Wonder’s ‘Positivity’ the definite highlight. The idea of having it playing in the car on the way to work down that long stretch of picton road literally got me out of bed some mornings. Loved the post 🙂

  4. hey, love this concept, just have to work out my tunes, somedays Adele (aint she great?) some days Megan Washington, somedays Radiohead, v occasionally Abba!!
    you’ve inspired my fledgling blog, really like WoW! you can visit me in your spare time (ha!!), thanks for sparking my interest! (don’t worry not a career change… 🙂 )

    Kate (catiecat)

    • Hey superstar blogger! You cant have a career change – too many people rely on you…Im liking WoW too but Ive struggled finding a book that Im prepared to admit out aloud that I like – figured Marian Keyes is not the greatest literary figure??? Good for you – I like your pic…there’s also a site called Maxabella (I think) where you can link up a ‘what Im grateful’ story to…see you in the blogosphere x

  5. I relate so much with what you are saying – there seems to be a song for every moment & memory in my life – I’ve been so heartbroken & so angry & sad over my marriage break – up – What’s that song?
    “Music was my first love & it will be my last – Music of the future & music of the past..To live without my music is impossible to do – In this world of troubles my music pulls me through…” Thank you for your page.

  6. Thanks Carmie…music is the constant when everything else around you is haywire!


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