November 29, 2011

Whats your bio?

Doctors aren’t the only ones that ask for vital stats when swanning around hospitals seeing their patients.

They’re also not designed just for people in the business world….everyone has their vital stats, a little 3 line bio, and Im getting a bit bored of mine.

Sarah…mum of 4…two aren’t mine…one is…the other is ours…project manager…uni student…yes busy….trying to write…treadmill when I remember its there…

I was at the park this morning doing park things with my little one (who loves to sit on park benches and watch the world go by…he’ll be a coffee drinker in no time). An older lady came and sat next to me while watching her granddaughter. She asked me my vital stats within the first few minutes of her backside hitting the seat “is he your first?”…me “nope there are three others”. And so it went on from there – the bio share.

Balancing your bio in different environments can be tricky…you dont want to give your mumsy vital stats to people at work, likewise you dont want to give your business stats at the park. Im stuffed when I go to uni for res school – my bio tends to double in length as I dont know who the hell Im talking to.

Watching the goofy Jimmy in an old ep of Offspring last night reminded me of how much we all like to tell our story. I guess I notice it more writing this blog as people like to share their stories with me but its nice to have those few little lines that capture the essence of who we are and whats important to us. Its just hard to make the story catch up when life moves on.

Next years resolution is to redefine my bio…make my vital stats more succinct, include more of me and less of my kids, more energy, less whingey, more present, less in the past.

Whats your bio…want a new one?

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  1. I’d like a new bio… could you write one for me?

  2. Dave…works from home…relaxed dad of 4….great dancer….fabulous cook??

  3. I hate writing my bio. I used to read ‘Two of Us’ in the Saturday Age newspaper and wonder what I would say about myself if I were ever interviewed. I used to think I had a lot to say, but something about blogging makes me clam up. I feel like I share a lot in the way I write, and I find it ridiculously challenging (like, 12 months in and I’m still rewriting my bio challenging …) to write a 50 word bio.
    And I hate being asked what I do. I usually say “just a mum” and wait for the crowd to clear.

  4. When I write “I’m a writer”, I imagine there’s a whole lot of people coughing “bullshit!” when they read it. The “gave up diet coke 4 years and 6 months ago” bit is getting a little jaded too. It’s a toughie – maybe there’s a business opportunity out there for “witty bio writing”?


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