November 8, 2011

We are learning to make fire


She sat perched on the edge of the bed desperately whispering into the phone i don’t think I can do itof course you can came the calm, clear voice down the line. The bags were packed. There was too much stuff for the baby and not enough for her. Surely green cardigan’s go with everything? Who needed stuff when you were in the middle of an anxiety attack anyhow?

She’d spent the last 6 months thinking that she could do it, that some time away would be the best antidote to the Year of Change but now that the taxi was booked, the tickets were in hand and the idea of disapearing sounded absurd…couldnt she be like them? Couldn’t the biggest challange be whether or not she should allow a sneaky shake of chocolate on a babycino? But no, she kept falling into these opportunities where she was so impatient to be somebody that it just made her wish she was nobody.

She stood up, spat on her fingers and rubbed at those panda eyes for the third time…its like camping she thought to herself, the key to survival is about learning to make fire. The key to surviving was about learning to stand alone.

The horn beeped and she stepped out the door…

Its write on Wednesday…

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  1. Wow – what a powerful image. You took the prompt and ran with it beautifully!

  2. Your piece is wonderful. I like the courage she has at the end. I could feel her push and pull of emotions running through her mind while she was making the change to a new life.

  3. Sarah….I really like your writing piece…we went with similar themes…this weeks topic was challenging…but it lead to good writing…Thank you for sharing….

  4. Great write! It does feel like fire, standing alone.

  5. Intriguing! This has set up an interesting scenario that I’d be interested in reading more about. I’m wondering who was on the other end of the line and who the people were she was wishing she was more like, and what opportunities keep falling in her lap!

  6. Thanks everyone…I’ve only started writing this year – helps me make a lot of sense of things! I thought that too Kate when I read yours x

  7. I really like your take on this – taking first steps, big steps. Writing really is therapeutic isn’t it?

  8. I really liked your take on the prompt. The emotion was beautiful and I was rooting for her. Great job!

  9. I can’t believe you have only started writing this year?! It reads effortlessly. I agree with Sif’s comment. I’d like to know what comes next but I am just as intrigued as to what came before..The start of a short story, perhaps? Loved it

    • Thanks Gill…Ive been tossing it around for a while…Im actually going to a syd writers centre seminar tomorrow night on how to make your blog into a book (to listen to Kerri Sackville)…I have visions of the thread thats emerged in my WOW works that they will one day fall into place into a short story – who knows – thanks for stopping by and I agree the dragonfly post was lovely

  10. (Hmmm, I think this thing didn’t publish my previous comment… Has anybody else been having problems with Blogger lately or is it just me?)

    This is great, Sarah, full of suspense. It keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole read, wanting to know more about everything: the woman trying to decide whether to run away or not, the person on the other side of the phone line, the baby. So many questions raised, so much space for answers and a story. I especially loved the phrase “she was so impatient to be somebody that it just made her wish she [were] nobody”.

    / Rain

    • I have some vanishing comments too! Thanks Rain…I think we all want to be a bit anonymous sometimes (please tell me thats not just me??)
      Thanks for stopping by x


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