September 22, 2011

The transparent space

The question of who we really are, the truths we seek from others and the reality of what we know was tested last night when I went along with some mates to see Transparency….as much as the subject matter was heavy the underlying questions of how well we truly know each other, or even how much we really should know about others in our lives was so well portrayed that it had us all talking over a long coffee and a slow drive home….as a social worker and as someone who is invested in understanding people’s narratives my pursuit of the truth sometimes takes me to places I dont want to go to. Even in my personal life I’ve often found myself asking questions and then bracing myself in preparation of the answer – the more I ask, the harder it is to stay silent. For me the space in between truth and trust is about being prepared to hear the answers and I must admit that sometimes not knowing is better than knowing.

This all might sound a little like gobbledigook….the play looks at the unravelling of a man’s life after the disapearance of a small boy in his community, it looks at the impact of the loss on the uncovering of key truths from a man’s past that in turn unravel the lives of those around him…I sat still for the whole performance, tightly gripping my hands, arms folded almost to protect myself from where I could see it all heading. It reminded me that in life the keeping of secrets always leads to confusion and a more complex web that over time gets harder to escape…

What do you think about truth – is it overrated or should it be embraced at all costs??

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  1. As a confidant of some people’s closest confessions, I feel like a fence sitter on this issue. Some things MUST be disclosed or chaos will inevitably follow, other issues may be better glossed over. How to tell the difference?
    Sounds like a great play – I saw “when the rain stops falling” a couple of years ago (STC) similar truths ( and no happy endings)

    • I do too…I think the more I hear confessions from people the more I think that a veil of secrecy or even just silence is preferable to overt disclosure…it was really frustrating to watch the wife in the play harass her husband into him explaining issues from his past – I remember a friend telling me that its useless to look for a partner with no baggage – we all have it, it just matters how we acknowledge it…I’m going to move into the ‘glossing over’ phase as I get older – telling everything gets boring very quickly!


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