April 23, 2013

The slipstream


passportFour passports arrived by registered post last Thursday. All with bright new shiny non-smiling pictures and blank pages ready to be filled with new adventures. I found a safe spot to store my expired passport – the image of a smiling, lilac crushed-velvet wearing, slightly overweight 23 year old no longer greets customs officials when I step away from home. I seemed to take a while to grow in to my face. Thank God for turning 30.

Its been a few years since I travelled. The last big trip I did was with my girl and my ma for this. I acknowledged my mum in that report because no matter where we went, how little sleep we had, or what ghastly food we ate she always shoo’d me out the door to whatever meeting I had in whatever country we were in. She was the best international babysitter a new mum could have. 8 weeks and 4 countries with a 7 month old. I had clearly lost my brain in the delivery suite.

In preparing for the big trip to here I also needed to tie up the lose ends that get left behind while we are gone. My dog needs a new home for a bit and my blog needs some words. I did a callout to people asking who wanted to chat about their space in between while I was gone and I was overwhelmed by the people who said yes – a space between single parenthood, childhood illness, adoption, infertility, speaking up about grief, disability. You name the space and I think Im slowly starting to cover them.

One of my favourite movies is Finding Nemo and despite the mindfulness approach of Dory and the need to just keep swimming the other life lesson I draw from it is about stepping in to the slip stream. To reap the rewards of someone trailblazing ahead by falling behind to gather up all the goodness that comes from their endeavour. Some days I feel like Im swimming at the top of the pack and others. Well I feel like Im falling behind and looking on with wonder at what people achieve.

Lapping up all the richness that comes from an online community who are open to talking and sharing about the things I love most of all. Those damn spaces.

I dont earn a cent from this space but I get the sense that regardless of where my life goes, what happens to me, the lived experience of people who have shared here will always give me tips on ways that I can manage life and all its complexities.

Thanks for offering up your stories and letting us all step into your slip stream. Its a storytellers ultimate reward.

Do you merge into the slipstream or are you swimming up ahead?


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  1. Your earnings from here may not be monetary but you are indeed rich. And I think we are all in the same boat, battling similar currents, just trying to move with the tide x

    • Thank you for your lovely comments that you post here Jodi. I really am settling in to my new work from home and sporadically out of the house lifestyle. I think it suits me x

    • I think Dory said it best. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming all day long.”

      You only live once. Make the best of what you’re given. Money by itself is rarely as rich as our entanglements with the world.

  2. I think the lovely thing about swimming in the slip stream is that generally everyone takes a turn at the front. And the Dory comment was just what I needed today, so thank you … Just keep swimming … I also have discovered possibly the only book anyone ever needs to read – “Oh, the places you’ll go!” by Dr Seuss. I picked it up yesterday from our local op shop for $1. Never has something paid for with a dollar coin had more worth. x

    • My best friend in the world had an excerpt from that book at her wedding. I can remember standing on that boat in the middle of the harbour listening to the words with my little girl growing (unbeknownst) inside me at the time. If I look back then til now, for her and I, I cant believe all the places we’ve gone. Its such a lovely read x

  3. Love this. I was just asked today if I make good money from my blog. I am dead proud to say that I don’t. I never started my blog to monetize it and I’m sticking to that. I love the diversity of opinions and the different walks of life that I’ve come across. That is invaluable.
    Good luck on your big trip! Sounds amazing!


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