April 29, 2012

the downhill slide.

In 7 days time I turn 35.

I feel old.

Most days I feel like the 4 year old in the picture.

I was talking to my husband about an article in the paper about how sleep is the new frontier. I admitted to him that some nights when I climb into bed I think about the first scorching cup of coffee I’ll have when I wake, if I focus too much on the joy of sleep I know Ill be let down.

I caught up with a friend last night and my first question was did you get to sleep in this morning?ย She did. I often ask people who get to sleep, what its like. Did they wake and stretch luxuriously, ponder life, the universe and everything and then decide to slip out of the sheets and have a nice long shower?

Our mornings are like most for people with kids. There isnt really a wake up time, there is no need to set alarms, small people begin to bang against their cots slats just after 6…the other morning there was even a visit at 4am to share the joy that the tooth fairy had come. I dont remember if I ever appreciated the time in my 20s where I got to have a cuppa tea in silence. A friend said she imagines a cone of silence that descends on her to dull out the chatter of the little ones. A blogger shares pics of her hiding in her pantry. Nothing like a bit of solitude.

Not sleeping makes you feel old. You creak and groan and your body takes longer to warm up than it used to.

I asked my husband to share some pearl of wisdom about the passing of another year; his suggestion was that I should be happy that Im not as old as him.

Great. Now Im married to an old man.

Are you good with birthdays? Have those gorgeous creatures turned you into an old lady before your time?



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  1. First of all – 1977 – a truly vintage year that one!

    Second of all – I consider 7am to be a sleep in so I am not sure I am the right person to ask about that one!!

    Third of all, happy birthday for in a week’s time!

  2. Your not even 35 yet. Quit whingeing and go to bed!xx

    • But I will be. There is no escaping that.

      I cant go to bed, I cant workout how to get out of my Jason recliner

  3. Birthdays are awesome, every one marked another year of the kids getting older and more independent and more likely to sneak out of bed on a weekend morning and turn on the computer as quietly as possible so they don’t wake mum and dad who then sleep in shamelessly until 10am. I wouldn’t wish away a single one of them!

    Besides, this year I get to celebrate being the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything, there will probably be cocktails and rampant abuse of SingStar.

  4. This year I turned 34 & my hubby turned 35. Up until now we have been OK with birthdays, but this year I think we both felt a little like this ageing thing is starting to get serious ๐Ÿ˜‰ We dream of sleep too. Our children don’t wake early, but they take forever to actually fall asleep, then I have to work from home at night… so sleep just doesn’t have a place in the schedule at the moment.

    However every year is a blessing, so happy birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    You are only as young as you feel, be sure to do something extra special just for you that day!

    I am similar age to you and as my wise Dad says “These are the best years of your life!”

  6. Belated Happy Birthday!

    I must say I used to feel anxious the evening before my birthday. I used to feel like shutting the doors and windows, and sitting inside my room so that no one can get to me. Weird, huh? I figure I was anxious of the whole attention I got. It was “my day”. I was “the” birthday girl. And then I didn’t want it to go, but it would fade away, and I’d feel sad about it. May be I was trying to hold on to that attention as a little girl?

    Now, I don’t think about them as much, but I do feel a bit of anxiety yet. My husband asks me “Why?” and I tell him “I don’t like attention.” Hmmmph.

    Thanks for the share. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thanks Pooja…I was the same as a kid – hated the attention and the anxiety about the day. I guess like most things the lead up is far worse than the reality. Ill try to find my (old lady) smile – thanks for visiting x


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