Last week my long service leave ran out and I’ve found myself in leave without pay land. I knew it was coming but the creeping sensation of being cast adrift felt like the opening scenes of Life of Pi. Where the uncle explains that the art of learning to swim is about accepting that a […]

I bent down this morning and ran my hands over my legs. It had been a long month of not shaving them, of not wearing shoes other than a very worn pair of birkenstocks and of pulling on a random assortment of clothes. Clothes that seemed to have accumulated at the bottom of my unmade […]

(actually it was Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) Im heading into the winter of my 35th year. That sounds maudlin. Today is my first complete working day for 2013. Pushing aside thoughts of resolutions and positive affirmations I chose to tackle the easy options first. A bill here, an email there […]

There is an image of a lady floating around FaceBook at the moment. She is missing after a night out in Melbourne and people are desperately sharing her picture in the hope that it will bring her home. A few months back a friend wrote this. She spoke about the ways in which the careers […]

A few days ago I took a little excursion to a suburb Id never been to, to collect a book that I needed. On the way home I was mulling over the conversation Id had with the nice man that I’d collected the book from. In the middle of my brain fog I missed the […]

the walk to work no more… Last week was a big week for my blog. I handed over the reigns for 6 days to 6 different people as a way of giving a voice to those who might not always have the chance. It was odd stepping back in.  I knew there had been all […]

Image from here I went to a hens afternoon tea on the other weekend (how civilised). I was surrounded by the cool chicks I met at my most recent mothers group…not that I shop around for mothers groups – its just that it was a looooong time between babies and a few suburbs too. We […]

  Thanks for popping back this evening to read the second half of this lovely interview. If you didnt read the previous posts click here to have a read. Like I said in my opening last night one of the main reasons for asking to Emmanuel to chat was for me to learn more about […]

  I asked a good friend who I met through my own space between, that being my passion about my work and me as a person, if they would be interested in chatting on here. We clicked the first time we met over the phone, he was calm and measured and unflappable. The opposite of […]