I wrote a little something last week about standing on the edge, something that was explained to the crowd of people watching a graduation ceremony. Nat followed me on twitter and then we got started talking and then she sent me this. I could understand some of the stuff that Nat shares. I went straight […]

I was sitting through a graduation ceremony this morning. The rain was pelting down outside and it was only one of a handful of times over the last few weeks that I was kid free. ┬áIt was nice to have my senses tuned into something other than the rustling of snacks in my handbag. I […]

I was reading this post by Life in a Pink Fibro tonight while simultaneously writing an abstract in my head for a conference I want to attend later in the year (academy award for multi-tasking…). It made me think about the little voice most hear when trying to get where they are going can I […]