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The healing power of coffee

I always roll my eyes at the public health announcement about too much coffee. Is there really such a thing? Last month I shared a story on my Facebook page about a mum who was hassled by a barista because her … Continue reading

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Weddings, parties, anything – a #tsibmum post

I think I should write an e-book on blog traffic. Over the last 48 hours sharing this post, this post and this piece I wrote for Essential Kids Ive had almost 1000 people come to read ideas of being a … Continue reading

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Yearning for Mrs Doubtfire – a #tsibmum interview

Thanks so much to the hundreds of people that popped in yesterday to read Michelle’s journey as a mum. It always warms my heart when people take the time to read really read the stories we have to tell. So … Continue reading

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Stronger than I ever imagined – a #tsibmum interview

You’d be mistaken by thinking that Mothers Day is a media free-for-all to write about the way we should or shouldn’t acknowledge the day. I’ve only been a mum for the last 8 years – not really a veteran but … Continue reading

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Coming home

I have about 5 shows a week that I make an effort to watch. Most weeks I forget, so in the comfort of my bed – late on a Saturday night with my Ipad propped up on a pillow – … Continue reading

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The lounge room sanctuary – a guest post about loss.

Stories fill in the gaps. The spaces where the world presents complexity and a quest for clarity all at the same time. I’m reading Michaela McGuire’s ‘A story of Grief’ its a short snapshot of thoughts on how mourning can … Continue reading

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What a beautiful surprise

I was at my daughter’s parent teacher interview this morning. My lovely husband at my side. Small scribbled notes on the teachers paper in front of him and an excel spreadsheet up on the board telling me where she was … Continue reading

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Ol’ faithful

I owned a pair of thongs, shoes, when I was 8. They had a sole that felt like sponge, soft and welcoming on my little wide feet that were growing at a rapid rate. I wore them everywhere that summer … Continue reading

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the writing instinct – a TSIB interview

I hang out in a few little online gatherings. Places where people share tips and tricks about navigating the fabulous world of freelancing and cheer with you with the wins and send sad face emoticons when the wheels have fallen … Continue reading

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Dressed for success – a TSIB interview

Back in the early noughties I returned home from overseas. I worked hard in a job as a shift worker offering counselling to women surviving domestic violence. We often worked alone at night and those small voices on the end … Continue reading

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