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So you wanna be an expert….top tips for social workers in the media

When you think of Social Work you don’t often factor in the potential media opportunities that might come from that career. Back in 2004, after securing a job with a State Government organisation, I received my first call from my media spokesperson. … Continue reading

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An academic reflection of 9/11

For the last two and a half years Ive been knee deep in journal articles, academic ponderings and large books. Those large books double as platforms for your Mac so that when on Skype people look at your face, not … Continue reading

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Faces in places

   One of the reasons why I started blogging was to practice my writing skills and to give me some respite from the essays I was finishing for uni in the first year of my masters. The research coordinator suggested … Continue reading

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What I cant un-see.

There is an image of a lady floating around FaceBook at the moment. She is missing after a night out in Melbourne and people are desperately sharing her picture in the hope that it will bring her home. A few … Continue reading

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All those odd socks.

The Morcombe’s released a statement this morning about the frustration of, one year after their son’s remains were discovered, there is still no access for the family to his body and their need to have a funeral – a send … Continue reading

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Scary men?

Its been just on a year since I had my first piece of writing published. It was this one about the resolution (in some ways) of the disappearance of a little boy from a family Ive known for a long … Continue reading

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I type it loud.

When I worked in London just after the millennium bug didn’t hit, I worked in a time-warp. There was only one computer to share between 4 people. We would fight each other for who got a chance to tap out … Continue reading

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The transparent space

The question of who we really are, the truths we seek from others and the reality of what we know was tested last night when I went along with some mates to see Transparency….as much as the subject matter was … Continue reading

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The Language of loss

After such interesting feedback from my Mamamia article a few weeks back I’ve had an article published on the Missing people UK blog. Jump over and have a read…feel free to let me know what you think

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Closure…is there ever such a thing?

A couple of weeks ago I had my first freelance piece published at Mamamia. Click here if you’d like to read the comments from Mamamia readers if not here is the article… Social media provides an instant platform for people … Continue reading

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