I was at my daughter’s parent teacher interview this morning. My lovely husband at my side. Small scribbled notes on the teachers paper in front of him and an excel spreadsheet up on the board telling me where she was in relation to everyone else. I looked up at the graphs and the diagrams and […]

My desk is a afloat with post-it notes. Ideas for articles, short sharp lines that might be useful for my thesis, action items that remain unactioned. They act like tumbleweed – blowing past my desk, curled up and yellowing from their jar near the window. Sometimes I wonder if its best to bin them, scared […]

There is a disconnect between the words that sometimes pop out of my mouth and the ones I truly believe. I often catch myself at training courses thinking ‘oh that sounds fab’ and then I walk out the door and forget that that conversation even took place. I often explain concepts to my students or […]

I owned a pair of thongs, shoes, when I was 8. They had a sole that felt like sponge, soft and welcoming on my little wide feet that were growing at a rapid rate. I wore them everywhere that summer holiday and when the strap removed itself from the sole, my soul was crushed a […]

I push and pull against the idea of happy. Of striving for the goal where everything falls in to place, you breathe out and announce to no one in particular that you have arrived. When I met my husband back in 2007 we had every second Friday night where it was just the two of […]

Sitting down to write feels like coming home. Coming home to the realities that exist inside your head, to the voice that speaks with comfort and confidence and the space where you can just be you. Maya Angelou is a lovely writer. One of my favourite pieces of hers is the idea of belonging and […]

I was sitting on the train yesterday. Staring out at the stations along the upper north shore, of homes with gardens larger than my house and many a Range Rover in sight. Since I stopped working full time I view the world through a different lens. Im not rushing with the rest of the universe, […]

  Freelance writing is a strange business. It’s a little like research work. You get a snippet of time with a person where you ask them detailed questions about their life and then you hang up and they vanish into the ether. Early last year I was putting a story together for a parenting magazine […]

The end of term is closing in. When my step daughters were the age of my daughter I would scoff at peoples suggestion about the exhaustion that comes from 10 weeks of listening and learning. There have been tears most days this week, over-tired excitement and a snippet of light into the teenage years as […]