There are moments in life where you worry that the busy world that exists in your head is a weird old quirky one. Then when you have a chance over coffee, cake and a bit of sunshine you realise that it isn’t so odd after all. Working as a social worker for so long allowed […]

I’d been following Kristian’s blog since I saw that snippet of his life on a big American TV show. I was impressed with his honesty , his integrity and his capacity to put into words what love meant for him. It was with great sadness that I saw a little post on twitter the other […]

Im one of those people that is a little over the top about dates and times…not in a sense of wanting to get somewhere but a sense of remembering where I was. My mum has always been a big one for dates and times too, every year as we grew she would start a few […]

This blog is working just as I had imagined in the dark recesses of my brain (and thats a pretty odd place for most of each week) its creating opportunities for people to come forward and share their own space in between. This year has been a time of reflection for me, Ive been able […]