Yesterday a lovely writer I know shared the news that her brother had passed away suddenly. I remember her talking about him and how their relationship grew from him being a brother from another father . She’s a person thats had a fair degree of life trauma thrown at her and it reminded me of […]

  One of the ways I notice families react to the sadness and trauma is to find ways to make meaning. Meaning not only of the loss but meaning as to how they might survive it. Rachel and I connected through a shared friend last year and I noticed a few months later that she […]

Hello. Is anyone out there? Its been weeks since my last blog post I lost my blogging way for a moment. I existed in the outside world rather than the online one. But Im back! Im currently packing for my 2 kids, husband and I to head to the UK and Europe for a month. […]

There are moments of complete polarity in our days. Waking to the news of bombs going off on the other side of the world. Watching people sing for their moment in the spotlight in the evenings. I wrote for this site earlier in the week about the way the world is delivered to our lounge […]

There are often little spurts of activity on my blog FB page where I make a random comment and then I have a stack of responses from people wanting to express their opinion. The other week I was on a conference call with a student and some academics talking about a research project on siblings […]

  Im not one for aspirational quotes. I think the more time you spend on social media the more you tend to notice peoples love affair with the written word. Not necessarily their own but quotes from famous old people…(I thought Thomas Aquinas was someone on TV until Wendy Harmer pointed out he was big […]

There are a few words that creep into our sentences, into the conversations we have in our hearts and minds each day. Those words tend to change and flex as we grow, as our vocabulary widens and we begin to understand the words we use. My seven year old tends to use ‘actually’ with a […]

(actually it was Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) Im heading into the winter of my 35th year. That sounds maudlin. Today is my first complete working day for 2013. Pushing aside thoughts of resolutions and positive affirmations I chose to tackle the easy options first. A bill here, an email there […]

To remember:  to recall to the mind by an act or effort of memory; to think of again. This time last year I wrote a post that I argued over in my head for a long time. I sent it to a mate and asked her point of view. I worried that in writing a post about the bad it would negate the good. To remember is […]