I hang out in a few little online gatherings. Places where people share tips and tricks about navigating the fabulous world of freelancing and cheer with you with the wins and send sad face emoticons when the wheels have fallen off. Megan is in that gang. Last week she launched her e-book on freelance writing […]

One of my closest friends in the worlds is having a baby. It’s her first whereas Im coming up to celebrating eight years existence in a world that offers more questions than answers each day. Parenting small people is like herding jellyfish. Just when you think they’re following you they float off somewhere else. Random […]

    Penguin Books, in their infinite wisdom, sent me a copy of Torre De Roche’s book to have a read of. I met her during NaNoWriMo last year and was a little bit excited to see that someone – who had a vision about finishing a book – actually did just that. I adored […]

While we were away I had a few fleeting ideas for articles I could write. When I took a few moments to collect my thoughts, I packaged them up and sent them through to various editors I work with. There is one that has been sent back a few times. I can see what the […]