Stories fill in the gaps. The spaces where the world presents complexity and a quest for clarity all at the same time. I’m reading Michaela McGuire’s ‘A story of Grief’ its a short snapshot of thoughts on how mourning can change our landscape. My research is consumed by ideas of grieving for those that sit […]

There is a disconnect between the words that sometimes pop out of my mouth and the ones I truly believe. I often catch myself at training courses thinking ‘oh that sounds fab’ and then I walk out the door and forget that that conversation even took place. I often explain concepts to my students or […]

The challenge of parenting is the difficulty in seeing how today shapes the future. A few weeks back I took my kids with me to the physio. I had a sports injury (how cool!) and while the lovely young man was fixing my foot my daughter said to him ‘do you know I have two […]

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a lovely article in the Herald about a woman. A creative woman called Victoria Spence who was exploring new ways to acknowledge loss. I emailed her. We chatted, and this month (fingers crossed – our children have lovely ways of falling ill the days we put aside […]

Ashleigh sent me a message on Facebook. You know when someone you don’t know gets in touch and it falls in to that little ‘others’ folder making you feel a little silly when you stumble past and see all these heartfelt words from people. A space in between seeing and acknowledging for sure. Last year […]

Yesterday a lovely writer I know shared the news that her brother had passed away suddenly. I remember her talking about him and how their relationship grew from him being a brother from another father . She’s a person thats had a fair degree of life trauma thrown at her and it reminded me of […]

Two years ago I was getting ready to return to work. My boy had just turned one. My girl had just started school and my masters degree was bubbling along when I had the chance to tweak and twist it between 8 and 10 at night.The first post I wrote still stands up as one […]

  One of the ways I notice families react to the sadness and trauma is to find ways to make meaning. Meaning not only of the loss but meaning as to how they might survive it. Rachel and I connected through a shared friend last year and I noticed a few months later that she […]

  The funny thing about divorce with kids is that there is never a distinction between the past and the future. It all blurs into one life that you have to continuously negotiate your way around. I don’t mean in a practical sense but in terms of managing your thoughts, blocking the intrusions and getting […]