Next week it will be a decade since my first marriage ended. Love after love was high on my list of priorities in those early days, ways to navigate the dark arduous moments of being left to care for my daughter. A decade is a long time to be pondering those wounds, the wounds that […]

I think I should write an e-book on blog traffic. Over the last 48 hours sharing this post, this post and this piece I wrote for Essential Kids Ive had almost 1000 people come to read ideas of being a mum from different, non hallmark, perspectives. Thank you. I travelled overseas with my mum and […]

  The funny thing about divorce with kids is that there is never a distinction between the past and the future. It all blurs into one life that you have to continuously negotiate your way around. I don’t mean in a practical sense but in terms of managing your thoughts, blocking the intrusions and getting […]

There are moments of complete polarity in our days. Waking to the news of bombs going off on the other side of the world. Watching people sing for their moment in the spotlight in the evenings. I wrote for this site earlier in the week about the way the world is delivered to our lounge […]

My girl made this a year ago. Its still on our front door.  I wont be on a lifestyle show anytime soon. Christmas has the capacity to go one way or the other. Your heart either swells at the faint sound of Christmas songs or it drops like a lead weight. The role of ritual […]

  If current research is to be believed then step or blended families are the fastest growing family type in Australia today. The increasing divorce rate, the search for happiness and meaning and a woman’s capacity to say no when it isn’t working might all be contributing to this emergence of a family group that […]

Image from here We seem to like to classify things into neat buckets. There are a gazillion sites and Facebook pages for decluttering and reordering, we spend so much time reorganising our stuff rather than reorganising our selves. Books breathe new light into dull spaces. For a long time all I read was chicklit. Books […]

This wasnt really my dress but I reckon my daughter would have preferred it. Image from here I was fixing up my girls room today…sorting the old to make way for the new. Chapter books to replace the picture ones, small hold-in-your-hand books to replace the ones that would spill across both our laps. We […]

I actually love Love actually, actually. There arent many moments in life where you get that chance to have that moment. You know those ones where the world and all its chatter stops and you hear some music in the background and you realise that this is what life is all about. I watch way […]