You’d be mistaken by thinking that Mothers Day is a media free-for-all to write about the way we should or shouldn’t acknowledge the day. I’ve only been a mum for the last 8 years – not really a veteran but not necessarily a newbie. Truth is I still haven’t connected with the idea that Mothers Day […]

Through the poverty-stricken undergrad years I worked in peoples homes helping them to care for their children who had special needs. It sat well with the ideals I was learning in my social work degree and paid me to take kids to the park, to the pool or to the movies. It taught me about […]

This is an image from The Ride. where Anton visits the site of his accident. Everywhere I look this year its been about people taking the leap out on their own, not waiting until the proverbial knock on the door, they just decide to sort it. Ive always harbored a secret dream to make a […]

There was a little bit of hoo haa this morning about the Telstra business women of the year acceptance speech and her comment that deafness is a ‘scourge’ on the community, much like polio was in the 50’s. Have a look at Breda Carty’s article here.. It reminded me of a few posts that I’d happened […]