Yesterday a lovely writer I know shared the news that her brother had passed away suddenly. I remember her talking about him and how their relationship grew from him being a brother from another father . She’s a person thats had a fair degree of life trauma thrown at her and it reminded me of […]

One of my closest friends in the worlds is having a baby. It’s her first whereas Im coming up to celebrating eight years existence in a world that offers more questions than answers each day. Parenting small people is like herding jellyfish. Just when you think they’re following you they float off somewhere else. Random […]

My girl made this a year ago. Its still on our front door.  I wont be on a lifestyle show anytime soon. Christmas has the capacity to go one way or the other. Your heart either swells at the faint sound of Christmas songs or it drops like a lead weight. The role of ritual […]

My brother-in-laws interpretation of how he is managing his 3 boys. How fab are his sketches, you can visit him here! I’ve been surrounded by babies lately. The smell of their little heads, the cry they do that sounds like a kitten looking for attention and the ridiculously small size of their fingers that bend in […]

    Sometimes when you have a blog you don’t understand what will resonate with some people. Its a bit of too and fro, a bit of testing the waters to see if the waves will wash over your feet. Ive been reading a few books on my kindle this week, I’m using some downtime […]

To remember:  to recall to the mind by an act or effort of memory; to think of again. This time last year I wrote a post that I argued over in my head for a long time. I sent it to a mate and asked her point of view. I worried that in writing a post about the bad it would negate the good. To remember is […]

I loved this list from the late, great Nora Ephron. I think I have seen ‘When Harry Met Sally’ 72000 times. It got me thinking what Id put on my list. It got me thinking about the anti-bucket list I developed last year. It also got me thinking about the impact parenting has on me. […]

There are moments in life where you worry that the busy world that exists in your head is a weird old quirky one. Then when you have a chance over coffee, cake and a bit of sunshine you realise that it isn’t so odd after all. Working as a social worker for so long allowed […]

Ive been chatting about this and that this week. But not necessarily here. We’ve been away from home for the last few weeks so I guess my writing did the same! So jump over to the amazingly popular (and more importantly) informative Childhood 101 to read my thoughts on my daughters first day of school […]