This wasnt really my dress but I reckon my daughter would have preferred it. Image from here I was fixing up my girls room today…sorting the old to make way for the new. Chapter books to replace the picture ones, small hold-in-your-hand books to replace the ones that would spill across both our laps. We […]

Well! I’m having a bit of a run of goodluck with lovely people offering to be interviewed by me for a TSIB interview. This week, just like last week, we have a blogger talking about her space in between. I actually got in touch with Amy about her call out for guest posts and then […]

Ive been chatting about this and that this week. But not necessarily here. We’ve been away from home for the last few weeks so I guess my writing did the same! So jump over to the amazingly popular (and more importantly) informative Childhood 101 to read my thoughts on my daughters first day of school […]

I love a good birth story…the lead up, the drama, the drugs, the no drugs, the tears and the trauma. I could sit and listen to them all day long. I wrote a few months back about the different stories about coming home after babies. When my little man was born a friend from a few […]

There was an article in the paper over the weekend about the new strategy aimed at early hospital discharge  for new mums – some in as little as four hours post delivery. There was a picture in the paper of a new mum holding her gorgeous little girl who spoke about going  home a few hours […]

When I started to think about the space in between as a mum it got me thinking about the gap between leaving your old life and introducing yourself to the big goopy mess of your new one – a life that involved large handbags full of mismatched baby socks, wet wipes and rescue remedy…for me that […]