September 28, 2011

Songbird of opportunity

This week’s WoW task is to chose a song and write the story behind the lyrics. Thanks toLillie McFerrin’s blog I thought I’d pop up the youtube clip…its not a song or artist I would usually veer towards but it meant a lot to me at a moment in time…the task also reminds me of the post I wrote a couple of weeks back…click here to listen


She often wondered why they had spent so much money on the couches, she hated them, when you sat way back your feet didn’t even touch the ground. There’s something odd about seats designed to make you feel small and vulnerable.

Each day that he went off to work she’d wait…listen for the creak of his car door, wait for the engine to splutter and then the screech as he took off…it was the same routine each morning. Once the sounds of the street replaced the sound of him leaving she’d crouch down, place her hand under the couch, feel around the discarded toys and dust bunnies and pull out the notebook. The book didnt contain a to do list as much as a must do list…it housed her plans as well as her bank details, her tips on saving money, houses for rent in the area, legal advice, tips on single parenting…it was her folder of opportunity, it was her exit.

She sat down, grabbed a cuppa and began to plan her escape…again.

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  1. Wow. That was a beautiful and haunting piece you wrote. I loved your description of the way he left each morning and I have to say the end was a twist I didn’t see coming. Great work!

    PS I actually listened to the music as I read your piece, they both went together perfectly.

    • thank you! What a lovely response…excellent that it all went together – I must have listened to that song a bazzilion times over the space of a few months, glad the story and the vibe fitted!

  2. Thank you for sharing that song. I’ve never heard it and I’ve been missing out! What a lovely piece of writing. It was so unexpected, but perfect with that song. I love how in the midst of a clearly sad situation what shines is her hope for the future!

  3. Very interesting story! I absolutely love your description of the couches

  4. I love this piece. I feel like I was on the couch next to her.

  5. i love the way “her feet didn’t even touch the ground” conveys her vulverability and his control. well written!


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