June 16, 2012

Skipping, with a rope.

Facebook feeds can be full of life lessons. Todays favourite is noted above.

In my pursuit to make everything right for my kids I over-think, over-commit and over-exhaust myself. Dancing four classes a week, tick. Swimming before school, why not? And then when I finally make it to the end of the week while writing, thinking, working, cooking and breathing I want to cry like a baby. Hold me.

A good friend with a big heart helped out at a strangers funeral this morning. She offered to step in to help run things smoothly because shes one of those busy people that always has time for others. ‘Ask a busy person…’

I try to reason with myself to slow down, to think about the stuff that Ill look back on before I find myself in the same space as the lady above but in my effort to not sweat the small stuff I redefine the small stuff as the big stuff and then I get confused. I cried like a big sooky lala today driving home with my husband with two small people chatting in the back – one who loves yelling truck despite all his T’s being F’s. I asked him to see clarity in my fog of fear. I asked would it just be best if I just let the kids hang at home all the time because some days I think that’s what they want. He disagreed – he thinks that being part of an activity shows kids how to belong, how to get on with others and how to shake your sillies out.

Next year my girl wants to learn the piano. She wants to learn the flute. She wants to learn to hula hoop. I asked her about playing a team sport, you know one with a ball. She shook her head and said ‘I just want to play regular sport, you know the one where you skip, with a rope’.

Maybe I will push for the piano lessons just so when Im old I can lie down, she can play for me and we can all remember why we sweated the small stuff – to get to the big stuff.


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  1. Beautiful once again. I think I might encourage her with a wind instrument…that could be fun. Look after yourself and I might join the skipping as well. Simple things isnt it

  2. I too am living in that space! So much so I attended a workshop presented by a physiologist on children’s mental health & positive parenting. In her opinion children today are over scheduled and excessively busy. They often need ‘down time’, time to engage in creative unstructured play, incidental interactions with parent/s and mentally process the workings of life & new information. 
    This idea sat well with me so we have scaled the kids back to one extra curriculum activity per week, plus primary schooling, family time and social time (birthday parties, play dates)At this point I have not had any complaints or hurdles and it feels right at the moment in our home with a balance of what I can get them to each week and what they want & need to do. 
    I will have my fingers crossed, you find the perfect balance for you and your beautiful family as you explore this big space.


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