January 2, 2013

What I know about resolutions

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I wrote a blog post in my head last night. I lay awake for a good few hours after my husband dozed of, I was full of nervous anticipation mixed with a good dose of anxiety. By the time morning came the post was gone, my head was fuzzy and I shuffled through the hallway trying to make a coffee and respond to Peppa Pig requests at the same time.

I sat down with my sister, brother in law and husband for dinner and we revisited the new years resolutions we’d made over the last 7 years. Its our ritual. Its the ultimate cringeworthy past time that can only be done with people you know. My last promise to myself was not to jump in and tell my husband how to parent. I broke that one within the first 7 minutes. I cant help myself, I rock as a mum.

We were all targeted this year – over the last year the four of us had found our little creative outlets that didnt involve being a parent or an employee. We now exist in the space between those two gaps  – a writer, an artist, a writerly researcher, a photographer. We had long ago let go of the weight related ideals, the exercise promises and the new jobs. We accepted where we now sit and we’ve found ways to stretch out alongside our lives to make small changes whilst not rocking the boat.

Mature, I know.

Every year we get reminded of how quickly life changes, how to develop resilience and how to show empathy to the people struggling. What I know about resolutions is that the only ones that stick are the ones that accompany a stirring for change – a willingness to try something different and a good dose of wisdom that makes you sift through the mud and come out shiny and new.

What do you know about resolutions? Whats going to make you shiny and happy and new this year?



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  1. As we grow we realise the non-value in resolutions as such and purpose of a deeper wisdom to start each New Year with.
    I know resolutions are pointless and stressful. I now choose a word to focus on to make me a better person. Something to strive for purposely. It may not always come off, but it is always there.
    Happy New Year Sarah x

  2. resolutions simply for the sake of a new year starting don’t work
    often the things we write on these lists need a deeper, more profound desire to change – more than the 1st of January turning over
    i’m going to start this year looking at the things i am already doing to make it better, and keep building and working on those
    happy new year!

  3. I love your grown up approach to resolutions Sar!!

    And I have added in my own non weight related and non exercise related resolution!!

  4. I have my own resolution of being less rushed our family one is filling up a jar of a moment in the day we enjoyed 🙂 x

  5. What I know about resolutions is that I never listen to myself and just go ahead and do my own thing anyway. Frustrating that.

    Happy new year! x

    • I am deaf to my cautious side too Bron. Maybe we can embrace the Nike philosophy without all the sweat and running around??


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