November 11, 2011


Todays is remembrance day…in honour of the day im sharing with you a poem written by my sister about my own Poppy who was born in November….feeling very grateful to have such a talented and expressive sister (and one that brings me coffee)


“In Flanders Fields the poppies blow 

Between the crosses, row on row”

spreading crimson faith

across the battlefields.

A blooming symbol silencing gunfire

regenerating remembrance for the universal sacrifice

and the futility of war.


marks the cessation of devastation –

Red poppies drench lapels

Adorn memorials

Silently observe our involvement in wars

half a world away.

Now,  November

marks a fresh entry in a family’s history –

the birth of a new breed of Poppy.

Bursting into life

with an intensity of colour

Saturating the souls of loved ones

and perfuming stale existences to create

new beginnings and

re-write past chapters.

On the day of her Baptism

She is an emblem of love.

Cherished by her Godmother

who stands proudly at her side


Her blue eyes

Her placid disposition

Her enduring smile

A Poppy’s fragility can be deceiving

As her strength lies beneath the soil line.

An intricate root system

Stemming from her mother’s quenching spirit –

Maternal wisdom and courage that fertilises

Our Poppy

And invigorates our reality

Reminding us

of how blessed we are

to have her flower

in our lifetime.

c: N. Wayland 2006


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  1. That is beautiful poem. I have tears in my eyes. She captures Poppy’s essence so well and you can see those qualities in her now.

  2. Just lovely! I have a Poppy born in November too 🙂

  3. Poppy’s are lovely Christie x


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