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Remember when you were a kid and you could disapear into your mind pretending you were someone that you weren’t? I remember reaching into my wardrobe and running my hand along the back of it. Sad to find that Narnia wasnt just a small step away.

Last August I had a piece of writing published. The very first time. Ever. I read the email from the editor early one Monday morning on the loo and squealed, running out to my husband waving my phone at him. He didnt seem concerned, I tend to do things at odd times. Id only decided less than 24 hours before that I would pitch my first story. I sent off the email, got a yes while in the supermarket and wrote it that night. And then ta-dah. There it was.

A funny thing happens when you dip your toe into somewhere new. I couldn’t sleep for the next few nights not because I was excited about what Id done but because I was busy planning what was going to happen next. I imagined that Mia Freedman and her gang of fabulously dressed writers were busy gaffawing over my writing. What, this is her first piece? they’d say shaking their head at the amazingness of it all. I thought about what clothes I had in my wardrobe, what Id have to buy for the coffee meeting that would surely happen. Who would mind the kids? You know, all the important stuff after the actual writing business.

The imaginary play happened in my head for at least a week, then it started to fade away. I dusted myself off from the fall that never happened, I regrouped and I started planning the next onslaught. Each time I get a win I visit that spot in the back of the wardrobe, not quite sure what Ill stumble upon if I actually made it through.

Nine months later I still have a little dalliance with myself about what I’ll wear to the meetings that never happened. When I watch my daughter swanning about in her room late at night, talking to herself, congratulating herself for her guest role on YTT I don’t interject. Imaginary play can be the fire in your belly. Regardless of how old you are.

Do you fantasise about things that don’t happen…even down to the shoes you where?

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  1. Short answer is … I have so done this!

    • Its like planning for a date and the guy not asking you out…

      • Totally. I’ve actually had many coffees with Mia since reading her first book a couple years ago. We have so many similar traits I figure we would be instant besties 😉

        Cracked me up that you mentioned her specifically! (I really hope she doesn’t read this!)

  2. Ha, I’ve done this SO many times in my life … some of first were about YYT : )
    Mostly, it is about money I have yet to earn/win!

    • Yes! I have been known to workout what Ill spend my money on for the things Im yet to be paid for…thanks for visiting vic x

  3. Heck, I get delusions of grandeur if I get more than the usual hits on my blog. Haven’t fantasised as clearly as you have here. I think it’s just because I really don’t know what I want to get out of it. Writing professionally is scary, with all the deadlines, and people expecting it to be good, so that’s not in my fantasy. I don’t want fame because with fame comes the nasty stuff. So what do I want? Ah well, I guess I don’t really know yet, and my fantasies are way boring.

    I think if Mia were to read this, she would be flattered. And also, I hoped you remembered to pull up your drawers before running out to your husband waving your phone! What would passersby think?! 😉

    • you cant have delusions Shelly if you know you’re grand! I did hike up my undies…for the purposes of the blog post – always planning ahead.

      Thanks for visiting – have a good looooong weekend

  4. Oh I would so love to have coffee with Mia too. I love her work. And congratulations on having your work published. That’s quite an achievement!

  5. Oh all the time! Except not with Mia. I don’t really know much about her. But with so many other people.
    It’s all a part of making your dreams become reality


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