Do you think there is a link between the first words your kids say and what type of person they’ll become?

Heres an example…my free spirited, quirky, curly haired 6 year old said her first word just after she turned one. It was Edgar…. Edgar is the gargoyle in my dads courtyard, a big scary, mythical terracotta nightmare that would normally be home on top of a gothic cathedral but now lives amongst some lovely flowers in a courtyard in the inner west. She very clearly walked up to it, pointed with her little chubby, play dough finger and said EDGAR…

Fast forward 5 years and my little man is starting on his talking journey…I can remember one mum saying to me that she waited forever to hear her kids talk and then spent the rest of her life asking them to be quiet.

I digress.

My serious, independent, cuddly boy’s first proper word spurted out this week…he pointed his littleĀ  bendy finger to his feet and said SHOES…over and over. He now does it on cue and I am making sure I dont use him as a novelty toy on long care journeys.

I spent a bit of time looking around for some research to see if anyone had ever explored what first words mean…do they predict your child’s personality? Do they pinpoint their quirks? Do they suggest certain hobbies they might enjoy when they get older? I cant quite work out where gargoyles and footwear fit in other than my daughter becoming a goth and my son working for Jimmy Choo?

The philosophy blog was the ultimate answerer in my knowledge seeking quest…I was perplexed by this statement:

It turns out that younger babies learn words for new objects based on how interested they are in the object, whereas older babies attach more importance to whether the speaker is interested in the object. These findings suggest thatĀ people might want to talk more about what their babies are interested in rather than what they, the parents, are interested in.

So do my kids make the choice to tell me what they are interested in…or are they telling me stuff that they think I like? Talking is one of my most favourite things to do, once we start to talk we start to explore, we start to express ourselves and we start to make sense of what is around us.

What was your kids first word…does it say something about their personality or have I finally lost it?

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  1. My middle fella walks his own path in life, and actually didn’t say many words until he got glasses at age 2 (his glasses are serious coke bottles, thats how bad his eyes were/are). But his first and only word before the glasses was “star”. After that he would read all the letters out on car regos as we drove along and street signs, he became the “letters guy”, and was our party trick. He is our divine star sent from some beautiful planet to bring difference and acceptance into our life. What a perfect and fitting first word.

    • I think we should get some funding and do some research into it…I thought it was great how my kids first words matched their personality – one a bit flighty and the other firm and stable. How lovely to have such a divine star…my kids are so different and came to me at very different times in my life but I strongly feel that they were sent for very special reasons x

  2. My daughter, who LOVES food said “more” at about 9 months old. Despite understanding directions and conversations she never spoke another word until she was well over 3.

  3. Squid is 7 months old and if she could talk, she’d say – Hmmm, custard !
    I’m not clear how this might relate to her personality just yet : )


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