Go on, cook one!

The man and I went out for dinner last night sans kids…we talked like excitable puppies finishing off conversations we started about six months ago, the incessant ‘excuse me’s’ meant we never got around to finishing them. The “Hey what happened to that dude at work in February who did that thing and you got cranky’ chats spanning to the ‘so what are you planning to do with the rest of your life’ ones. You know, the big and the small.

It was my second time out this week. Im living it up! I think as my littlest nears the big second birthday Im slowly getting my life back, Im no longer eaten alive.

Whenever I go out I get nervous – I can be meeting my oldest friend or people I only met this year – I dont know why I worry, but I do. I think its that mix of being nervously extroverted – that wouldnt come up in a Myers Briggs assessment. Well it hasnt yet. Is that even possible?

Catching up with groups, sitting on committee’s or being a part of a team seems to blur into the same rules. We all assume the same positions in each gathering – some will be the askers, some will be the tellers, some will share anecdotes, others will always point out the negative. Not matter how much I try to not be the chatty one I do find myself talking and then internally willing myself to shut up.¬†Theres a space between my mind and my mouth. Some days theres a massive chasm and other days they’re in sync. I can never tell which day Im on.

The best part about going out with your partner is that the nervousness is never there. The man and I were squeezed into a tiny seat eating a Bakewell Tart and drinking coffee after 11pm – he shuffled out to go to the toilet and on his way back he said ‘I love that no matter how much we talk, we always have more to talk about’.

He might be a dork and he might wear a beanie but he’s a good talker (to me) Ill give him that.

Who do you feel most comfortable chatting to? 

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