October 1, 2012

Barack your day.

We went on a little excursion this long weekend. To a town that had wide roads, where people meandered up and down the main street and where good coffee was the metaphorical coffee bean in a haystack.

Creating memories for your kids is hard work. The packing, the unpacking, the blankie, the special pillows and seventy two thousand small toys that are this weeks favourite. We unpacked, stayed for a few days, then packed up the car again and drove all the way back. Im ready for a holiday now.

As my husband and I fell into the comfort of our own bed last night we had a whisper about the highlights and low lights of the weekend. Tears of laughter streamed down our face recalling the way the kids focused more on the $1 bag of lollies in their hands than the large African animals the zoo offered up. The tacky ye olde gaol that our daughter referred to as the goal and the bed that was harder than the one Harry Potter probably had to squeeze into in that little cupboard under the stairs. I was asking my husband if it was the true sign of old age where I started to lament going away because my creature comforts were out of reach. That all the decisions I had to make while away highlighted the ones I no longer make in my everyday life.  I couldn’t drink my piping hot coffee from my favourite mug in the morn moments after stumbling out of bed, my untoasted muesli with frozen raspberries were 440 kilometres away in my favourite mini green plastic bowl that tricks me into thinking I eat more than I actually do and then the joy of what outfit to choose to help me hide the snot my son would wipe on me was limited because Id forgotten to pack a black cardi (although saying that snot and black cotton dont mix well).

My Husband says I need to take the Barack Obama approach to life and take that with me on holidays. That given how many things I have going on at the same time I need to pare down the decisions to make my life easier. This article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that once you free up your life with the mundane decisions of everyday life you get the chance to focus on the big stuff.

Since quitting work a few months ago I’ve fallen into the routine of having the same food every day, I go to the same coffee shop, I do the same gym classes. Its like subconsciously I’ve freed up my day to focus on the big stuff rather than window shopping my day away.

Who knew that a humble trip to the far west could provide the chance to realise I could be the next prime minister just because I eat the same thing every day?

Could you Barack your day? Could the humble tuna sandwich revolutionise what you could achieve?

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  1. Ooh I like this approach. And it makes me feel a lot less boring that I deliberately minimise the number of decisions I need to make on any given day!

    • I like that we can reframe our lack of spontaneity to it all being about focussing on the big things. We are Obama Kel x

  2. That is an interesting way to look at life. In regards to kids and holidays – so much harder work than being at home.

  3. Ooooohhhh… I like this. I like it a lot!

    I am the kind of person who likes to do something different all the time, I can’t have the same things for lunch or breakfast, I like to shake things up. But maybe *cogs turning* I need to just do the same thing for breakfast so that the creative juices it takes to think up something new can be used for something more important…

    Oh… I am gonna have to think about this a while.

    Thanks so much {I think}.

    • No prob! Maybe the things that stay the same don’t have to be the ones that do for you? Have a think about what you do every day that doesn’t vary…maybe they are the ones that free you up? X

  4. What a great idea and approach! Thank you for the link to the article, very interesting.
    Hope you slept well in your own bed and enjoyed your breakfast this morning 🙂

  5. what a great approach… toasted tuna and mayo sandwiches always make me feel good!


  6. I have heard of this article, but hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. Will have to head over and check it out. I like the idea of having a routine to free up my head space. I could probably really use it right now 🙂

  7. I subconsciously ‘Barack’ my days. I am a creature of habit for so npmany things, but others I change up all the time. Exact same breakfast, but I out bpnever do that with lunch and dinner… that kind of thing.

    We are just back from a long weekend away too and I know EXACTLY what you mean by making memories bein hard work!! x

  8. I do most things similar every day, and I kinda love it. It works for me.

  9. Oh my goodness, that’s the exact theme of my week. What a timely post! I’m so determined to pare back my life I’ve even engaged the services of a coach just to simplify (we had our first session this week). Yes, one would think that one wouldn’t need a coach just to simplify one’s life but … it’s harder than you think!

    • I love seeing you here Valeria! You dont need a coach you just need more hours in your day (if the coach discovers them – send me their details) x


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