Last week my long service leave ran out and I’ve found myself in leave without pay land. I knew it was coming but the creeping sensation of being cast adrift felt like the opening scenes of Life of Pi. Where the uncle explains that the art of learning to swim is about accepting that a […]

  Im not one for aspirational quotes. I think the more time you spend on social media the more you tend to notice peoples love affair with the written word. Not necessarily their own but quotes from famous old people…(I thought Thomas Aquinas was someone on TV until Wendy Harmer pointed out he was big […]

Back in the early days of my blog one of my most shared posts was the one where I survived divorce by pretending I was a character in the Secret Life of Us. It may not have been the most thought through coping strategy but it worked (and sadly my plan to look like Claudia […]

This morning I stepped off the train in the city, casually sauntered through the QVB – sans kids – and ordered myself a coffee. Good job Sarah…see this is how its done, calm, measured and in control I explained to myself on the inside. I smiled at passers by, I ran my fingers along shirts […]

I’ve only had one mentor in my working career. When we got to the third session I veered off into private world territory and they quickly reminded me we are not hear to talk about that. Safe to say session four didn’t get a look in. When Nicola Roxon was announced as the Federal Attorney […]

While we were away I had a few fleeting ideas for articles I could write. When I took a few moments to collect my thoughts, I packaged them up and sent them through to various editors I work with. There is one that has been sent back a few times. I can see what the […]

I bent down this morning and ran my hands over my legs. It had been a long month of not shaving them, of not wearing shoes other than a very worn pair of birkenstocks and of pulling on a random assortment of clothes. Clothes that seemed to have accumulated at the bottom of my unmade […]

There are a few words that creep into our sentences, into the conversations we have in our hearts and minds each day. Those words tend to change and flex as we grow, as our vocabulary widens and we begin to understand the words we use. My seven year old tends to use ‘actually’ with a […]

(actually it was Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) Im heading into the winter of my 35th year. That sounds maudlin.┬áToday is my first complete working day for 2013. Pushing aside thoughts of resolutions and positive affirmations I chose to tackle the easy options first. A bill here, an email there […]