October 23, 2011

5 things I know to be true…

I’m loving Ted.com at the moment – particularly the conversation tab. One of the new questions posed overnight  also sparked my interest in Lillie McFerrin Writes link up this Friday – with the key word Shenanigans  (and yes I know its Sunday but i’ve felt like I’ve been 2 days behind all week so Im keeping with the theme)

So here are five things I know to be true (and five sentences at that!)

1. If you do what you love, you will always find the time for it

2. The singing voice you have inside your car, alone, differs from the singing voice you have at other times

3. The shenanigans you get up to in your 20’s are always fondly remembered in your 30’s even though you couldn’t care less about them at the time, there is nothing like a chat with an old friend of ‘remember when…’.

4. It is comforting to be married to someone who cries in ‘Marley and me’…even though you thought it was the worst movie ever.

5. The amount of essays you have to complete is equal to the amount of online purchases that almost make it to checkout (and then sometimes to your mailbox)

What are your 5 things that you know to be true…comments will be added to your karma bank x

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  1. I really like the way you merged these two writing prompts! I am a hundred percent in agreement on all five. It’s amazing how well I sing in the car, and how badly everywhere else 🙂 When I was younger I would roll my eyes at the older folks talking about things from the past for hours, but now I get it! Fun times. Love this post!!

  2. Thanks Lillie…great idea for a link – will keep an eye on the next one (the space in between gives me lots of platforms to fit into other prompts – fingers crossed)

  3. Even though the five sentences seemed to talk about different things, they formed a story about appreciating the moment and shenanigans you are in, however insignificant it may seem at the time and knowing you will appreciate it down the track! Well done!

  4. I really enjoyed how you took a different shape to this exercise. I agree with all five of them, especially the first one. No matter how stressed I am with school or family, I somehow manage to do what I love. 🙂


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