Two years ago I was getting ready to return to work. My boy had just turned one. My girl had just started school and my masters degree was bubbling along when I had the chance to tweak and twist it between 8 and 10 at night.The first post I wrote still stands up as one […]

The end of term is closing in. When my step daughters were the age of my daughter I would scoff at peoples suggestion about the exhaustion that comes from 10 weeks of listening and learning. There have been tears most days this week, over-tired excitement and a snippet of light into the teenage years as […]

For the last two and a half years Ive been knee deep in journal articles, academic ponderings and large books. Those large books double as platforms for your Mac so that when on Skype people look at your face, not up your nose. There isn’t a great deal of literature about the experience of loss […]

Three weeks ago the safe little rational space in my head got corrupted and I found myself on a long imaginary journey worse than what was actually happening in real life. When the darkness settled it felt like my mind was going to explode with all those wonderings. I resisted writing about it here because […]

Back in the early noughties I returned home from overseas. I worked hard in a job as a shift worker offering counselling to women surviving domestic violence. We often worked alone at night and those small voices on the end of the line at 3am made you question how much you could really do from […]