I was listening to a man speak on the radio the other morning about the way he, as a journalist, found it difficult to ensure he remained objective. Objective when reporting trauma and death in his own country. That it was impossible for him to stand back and report the facts of what he saw […]

One of my closest friends in the worlds is having a baby. It’s her first whereas Im coming up to celebrating eight years existence in a world that offers more questions than answers each day. Parenting small people is like herding jellyfish. Just when you think they’re following you they float off somewhere else. Random […]

Through the poverty-stricken undergrad years I worked in peoples homes helping them to care for their children who had special needs. It sat well with the ideals I was learning in my social work degree and paid me to take kids to the park, to the pool or to the movies. It taught me about […]

  The biggest indicator of happiness is social connection. That’s what Shawn Achor told me last week. Me and 599 other people. I wrote that down in the dark and looked back on my scribbled notes a few days later. Connection and happiness – linked. Who knew? Its odd to think that the in the […]